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Top-AAA white,Oval,Pear,Marquise, series
Top-AAA white,oval,pear,marquise series, doubtless hard to burnish to show shinest,everyone knows diamond, many expert designers know SWAROVSKI & SIGNITY, but too expensive to widely use in jewelry work. So our top-AAA series imitation stone would be demanded in many Mid and High grade jewelry work,our korea machine also burnish them show"5C"-Create,Cut,Clarity,Clear,Credit, try it, sure we are your success partner in gems.
顏色: white or color CZ
尺吋: 2X2.5-4X8 or sizes you request
付款方法: T/T
最少採購數量: 200pcs
包裝: 100pcs per package in cotton in small size, 100pcs per case in mid size.
交貨時間: 2-3weeks around
巿場: worldwide
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