Splendid Jewelry Manufacturer Limited
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Splendid Jewelry Manufacturer Limited

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珠寶製成品, 珠寶原材料 , 鑽石, 鑽飾
製造商, 批發商
Splendid Jewelry Mfr. Ltd. is a young, energetic and innovative company. Our products reach USA, Europe and South East Asia. By having our own factory in Mainland China, our flexibility over products and price is undeniable. Splendid mainly focus on 14K and 18K gold jewelry set with diamonds, pearls, precious and semi-precious stones. As we attend many jewelry shows around the world every year, we are constantly exposed to global trends and can ensure that our products are up-to-date. Our website catalog makes it easier for customers to order through e-mail, and with our new product showcase constantly updated, our customers can view our new products throughout the year instead of having to wait for the next jewelry show.

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