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Buying: Small Order OEM/ODM Jewelry Manufacturer
Finished Products Diamond Jewellery
I am looking for a jewellery factory/manufacturer who can make samples and take small orders for my collection of gold, diamond, gemstone jewellery.  I will attend the Hong Kong Jewellery Show in March and will be able to travel to meet with potential manufacturers.

Thank you,
Serena Ramsey
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Buying: Looking for Solid Stone Bangles
Finished Products Other Finished Products
Hello there,

We are looking to purchase several single-piece stone bangles, preferably made from Green Agate and Rose Quartz. If these items are not available, we would like to work with someone that is able to manufacture the pieces. 

We are looking for between 30-50 bangles at first. If the initial order is of high-quality, we would be looking to place many orders in the future.

The style we are looking for is similar to the jade bangles that are popular in Asian culture, the only difference is the material that we would like to use.

There is a picture attached to this post so that you can see what we are thinking of.

If you are able to provide these pieces, or have any questions, please let me know.

Many thanks,

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Buying: Preciosa Single Cut
Materials Diamonds
We want to know if anyone got Preciosa Czech Single Cut Stone. SS10 Crystal, SS 16 Citrine, SS20 Rose 订购价格咨询,preciosa捷克钻平底石,ss10 crystal,ss16 citrine,ss20 rose
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Çin Halk Cumhuriyeti
Partnership: Mines in Colombia
Materials Gemstones
We are a group that has mines in Colombia emerald and want to know if there is interest in partnering for sale in the Asian market.

We own the mines that there are no middlemen in this business that we would begin immediately 
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: Sterling silver necklaces & cord bracelets with details
Dear Sir/Madam,

we (Austrian and German retailer) are looking for delicate/dainty cord bracelts (colors: black, grey, beige, brown) with sterling silver details and beads (heart charm, engraved disc (f.e. with quotes), star charm, infinity charm, etc.) as well as for dainty/delicate sterling silver necklaces with heart, star, engraved disc or other symbolic pendant.

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

the Mavilina purchasing Team
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