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Hong Kong
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Po Yuen Gems Company

Po Yuen Gems is one of the biggest gemstone manufacturers in Hong Kong and specializes in Chrysoprase (Australian Jade). The company owns the best quality Chrysoprase Mine in the world which is located in Queensland, Australia. With 40 years of experience in mining, cutting and marketing Chrysoprase, Po Yuen Gems could well supply Chrysoprase at the most competitve prices. Chrysoprase is a natural gemstone with natural green color, which is mined from Queensland, Australia. It has a hardness of 7 to 7.5 on the Moh's scale. It is a symbol of luck, wealth and health. The stunning green color, caused by nickel oxide, makes Chrysoprase highly desired by gemstone lovers. It is believed to have magical power, balancing yan-yang energy, strengthening vision and relieving internal pain, etc. The Book of Revelations (21:20) records the holy city of Jerusalem with its 12 foundation walls and the tenth was decorated with Chrysoprase.

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Hong Kong
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Gaoxing Jewelry Limited

GAOXING JEWELRY LIMITED (Gaoxing), established in 2003 with starting as a jewelry processing factory located in Haifeng, PRC which successfully become a well known and professional jewelry enterprise, specializing in R&D, manufacturing, wholesaling and exporting 925 sterling silver jewelry all over the world. Gaoxing now specializes in various series in micro-setting with CZ, natural stone, previous stone and semi-previous stone, opal, pearl, and crystal, catering to its customers in the Americans, Middle East, EU and South East Asia.

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