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Urso & C Snc Venice collection
The Venice Collection will take you along the channels of the beautiful town emphasizing its artistic heritage, through decorations and arched loggias of the Doge's Palace wonderfully reproduce in the new "Venice" collection.

The pen is realized in solid gold 18KT and has a weight of 81 gr and is characterized by diamonds ct 1.36. ON the barrel, togeher with 38 diamonds ct 0.85, there's the representation of the columns and loggias of Palazzo Ducale (Piazza San Marco).

Under a coat of red transparent hot enamel there are rhombuses that recall the facade of Palazzo Ducale. In the cap there's the representation of the Serenissima, the Lion of Venice, together with 23 diamonds ct 0.51.

The ligher is realized in sold gold 18kt and have a weight of 74.50 gr. In the front side of hte lighter theer's the symbol of Venice as old Maritime Republic, in the back side there's the reproduction of "Riva degli Schiavoni, masterpiece of the Italian painter Giovanni Antonio Canal known as Canaletto (1697-1768), master of Itlain Veduta, a highly detailed, usually large scale painting of a cityscape or some other vista. On the top part of the lighter there's a reproduction of the loggias of Palazzo Ducale with diamonds brilliant cut ct 0.88.

As for the pen, in the lighter, under a coat of red transparent hot enamel there are rhombuses that recall the facade of Palazzo Ducale.

Same elaboration for the cigar cutter that carries the reproduction of the columns of Palazzo Ducale, highlighted by diamonds ct 0.38 and Knurling all around the cigar cutter. Realized in sold gold 18kt, 46.80 gr.

The cufflinks carry instead teh reproduction of the Serenissima, faithfully engraved looking in the same direction in both cufflinks. Solid gold 18kt, 18.80 gr.

The collectiion is a limited edition. It consists of 23 Fountain pens in the all world and only 3 sets are available, made of fountain pen, lighter, cigar cutter and cufflinks.

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