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Artica Jewelry Limited
We are manufacturer having factory in China producing high quality polished 925 silver jewelry (cz, mop, opal, gemstone) and semi-precious stone beads. Please visit our website www.articajewelry.com or contact us for further information.

We will also exhibit at the Hong Kong Jewellery Show on March, June, September and cordially invite you to visit us there. We expect to see or hear you soon. Let us know for any questions or demand. Thank you.
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Hong Kong
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Hong Kong
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Hong Kong
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Treasure Bright Company Limited
Since 2002, our company is specialized in stainless steel products. We manufacture all the production line that we distribute around the world.

We detain a wide range of products designed for men, woman and have an innovating hoops collection. We are well known to offer good value for money.

Our products are mainly made of stainless steel associated with diamonds, gold screws, ceramic, carbon, rubber or several PVD colors.

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Thompson Brothers Co Ltd
Thompson Brothers, a well-known jewelry manufacturer and exporter since 1961.

With operational experiences as manufacturer and exporter of gold and silver jewelry, we consistently serve our customers from around the world, with fairness and sincerity. Our customer profile ranges from well-known wholesalers to famous retailers and great amount of chain stores in Europe, Australia, Japan, and etc.

The products of Thompson Brothers are high quality and surpass the international standards.

Today, we still continue to strive on keeping our high-quality production to serve our customers’ needs with elegant and beautiful jewelry. And, this is why Jewellery by Thompson is to be treasured forever.
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Hong Kong
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