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Jewel Tech International Mfg Co Ltd
In 1984, our CEO and founder, Mrs. Songlot Bhayakathum, opened “SP Stones”, a company specialized in sourcing and selling of fine Burmese Rubies, Ceylon Sapphires and other precious color stones.

As the business grows and prospers, the young company decides to expand, starting with a small atelier to keep up with the demand. Jewel Tech International Manufacturing Company Ltd. was established in 1991 following her vision of creating exquisite jewelry collections at reasonable prices without sacrificing quality and style.

Jewel Tech paved the way for her inspiration to expand globally, and within a few years, was able to enter the worldwide market for fine jewelry. Jewel Tech has then earned its reputation as a leading manufacturer for well-known jewelry brands, and continues to do so.

In early 2010, Jewel Tech designs, manufactures and distributes our own jewelry under the brand “Ta's Jewel” and “Estee Collection”; as a way to further expand our market share.
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Monplaisir Fashion Company Limited
Monplaisir Fashion Co., Ltd. was established since 1988 as the Manufacturer&Exporter of Fine Sterling Silver 925 Jewelry based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Our key product is Sterling Silver 925 with Marcasite stone as well as other Semi-precious stones, Natural Shells and Cubic Zirconia.

Please do not hesitate to visit our official website at http://www.monplaisirjewelry.com as well as contact us at monplaisir1988@gmail.com
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Çin Halk Cumhuriyeti
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Hong Kong
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Affinity Limited
AFFINITY Jewelry limited, located in DongGuan, GuangDong province, P.R.China, is a special manufacturer majored in high-grade Brass and Silver Jewellery. We regard "eximious quality, preferable price, accurate delivery, specialty devotion, customers service" as our highest business policy. From designing, and manufacturing, to finishing products are all in one line, so it's a dedicated, special, and modern enterprise. We not only afford our best service and quality but also welcome the customers' own design.
The company regard "human resource" as the essential of the enterprise, and consider "human
oriented, equal and reasonable" as our management philosophy. There're more than 300 special members engaged in jewelry manufacture. Company's goal is "to establish one top-grade jewelry manufacture with international level". We guarantee our products have the advantages of abundance, excellence, cheapness and novelty. We can offer the most fast and kind service to become the elite!
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Çin Halk Cumhuriyeti
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United Jewelry Company
United Jewelry Company was established with strong commitment which provides high quality products with precious materials and detailed craftsmanship. We mainly manufacture and wholesale jadeite jewelry. We provide a variety of products such as jadeite bracelet, jadeite earring, jadeite pendant and etc. Please feel free to make enquiry to us for distribution and partnership.
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Hong Kong
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About Our Company

Our company was founded by Fevzi Malgaz in 1967. It has become jewellery company which represents our country at the highest level in international arena with the same commercial opinion and the same pleasure without sacrificing quality since 43 years and now Sami Malgaz and Yakup Malgaz represents the company as the second generation. Our products are sold in the most important points of the world and also introduce Turkish jewellery to the world at the highest level. Montür – İş Euro Diamond meet professional jewellery clients in expositions through ten international and domestic expositions on average each year. Some of these expositions are made in Istanbul, New York, Munich, Madrid, Moscow, Kiev, Bombay, Salonika and Birmingham. Our company is one of ten company in Turkey which produces all phases of jewellery from A to Z. It is possible to see our products almost in every city of the world. It is one of the first company that comes to mind about demands for
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International Gem Gems Co Ltd

Everyone of us works with the heart for the ultimate quality for our customers. Quality is what sets us apart from the ordinary.


Be assured of exquisite masterpieces by our experience in the design and manufacturing of high-end jewellery.

• 18K gold with semi and precious gemstones, pearls, and diamonds
• Masterpieces at factory prices
• In-house, exclusive designs
• Serve customers worldwide
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