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Jatin Gems
At Jatin Gems we are in the business of, as we call it, perfecting the art of Gems and jewelry. Situated at Jaipur the Pink city of India and also the hub of worlds Gems and jewelry trade, we have an exclusive collection of Gems and jewelry.
We aims to have a comprehensive global presence as a leading manufacturer and exporter of jewelry items precious and semi-precious stones jewelry, stone studded and fashion jewelry of highest quality.
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Finished Products, Gemstone Jewellery, Manufacturer
Arts Jewellery Co Ltd
Guangzhou Arts Jewellery Co.,ltd was established in 2010,located in the major international gold and silver jewellery manufacturing base of Panyu District,Guangzhou( the Southern city of China).Our company is a professional jewelry manufacturer which involves in R&D,design,production and marketing as well.We specialize in 925 silver with CZ and karat gold jewellery with diamond for micro settings, invisible settings and money settings.To meet nowadays jewelry trends,micro setting has become our main line.Manufactured with advanced technology and equipment, we never stop in creation of fresh design for costumer need, our products' marketing range throughout Asia, USA, Europe and the Middle East.
We will be one of your wise choices of looking for a reliable silver jewelry supplier.We commit to offering our clients the various and fashionable merchandise with finely quality and competitive price.
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Finished Products, Silver Jewellery, Manufacturer
Alberto Collection House of Tanzanite

Alberto Collections is a distinctive fine jewelry manufacturing company in Great Neck, NY. Alberto Collections was established in 1985 by Albert & Betty Hakimian around the idea of creating unique and original jewelry using exotic gemstones. Each beautiful piece is hand-made in the USA. We offer a unique selection of Tanzanite, Emerald, Alexandrite, and Colored Diamonds. We travel the world in search of rare, exquisite gems in order to provide only the best to our customers. Each piece purchased from one of our collections is backed with a Lifetime Warranty as well as a Certificate of Authenticity. Also, each piece has our H.O.T. inscription in order to verify it as a one-of-a-kind Alberto Collections design.

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Finished Products, Diamond Jewellery, Manufacturer
Man Sang Group - Arcadia Jewellery
Arcadia Jewellery Limited is the jewellery arm of Man Sang Group, the first pearl company listed in Hong Kong. Arcadia is dedicated to the design, assembly, production, export, distribution and wholesale of jewellery and is renowned for its exquisite design and craftsmanship. Its comprehensive product range includes jewellery made of South Sea pearls, Tahitian pearls, cultured and freshwater pearls as well as 14K and 18K yellow and white gold and silver jewellery set with diamonds and all kinds of gemstones. The annual production capacity is about 600,000 pieces of jewellery, which are well-received by local and overseas markets at large.

Arcadia houses its production facilities in Shenzhen, China, where nearly 1,000 skilled workers are employed. All workers are supervised and guided by experienced masters to ensure their products meet the quality requirement.
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Finished Products, Diamond Jewellery, Importer
Daisy Ho Collection of Gem's Jewelery / The Way Forward Ltd
Daisy Ho has been in the design and manufacture of designer jewellery for 13 years. “Daisyhocollection of Gems Jewellery” specializes in jewellery of semi-precious stones with diamonds set in white gold or silver, hand finished to craftsmanship quality. The product range offers our customers exclusive jewellery fashion of creativity, blending the designs in with the characters of the natural stones.
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Finished Products, Diamond Jewellery, Importer, Manufacturer
Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint-Stock Company - PNJ
Established in 1988, PNJ now is the leading jewelry manufacturer in Viet Nam that specializes in producing gold and silver jewelry. With modern machinery from Germany & Italy and 680 skillful workers, our factory can produce 3.0 mil. items/year. Our quality control system has been certified ISO 9001:2008.

Be ranked the 3rd largest jewelry company in the world (published by Plimsoll 2012) and Top 500 Retailers in Asia – Pacific’s Quality Award, PNJ has won trust of foreign partners in Germany, Denmark, USA, Australia and Japan. Export turnover reached 15 million USD.

At PNJ, we endeavour to bring pride to the customers through high quality jewellery with competitive prices and punctual delivery time.
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Finished Products, Gold Jewellery, Manufacturer
Vladimir Markin
•M-A-R-K-I-N• Fine Jewellery was established in 2011 in Moscow, when our workshop and showroom were opened in the heart of the city. It was founded by jewellery designer Vladimir Markin, a strategist and entrepreneur Zahar Borisenko and their families. Since then the brand opened office in Hong Kong, which is used as our international headquarters, and established its presence in St. Petersburg, London and Singapore. Markin calls his workshop a “jewellery lab”.
Laboratory in Red October is the place where people create, invent, experiment and discover. It is what Markin does in his workshop. He tends to try different forms, discover new characteristics of existed materials like gold and silver. For example, some of the golden pieces finished like stainless steel. 
Markin is a huge fan of steampunk and industrial punk styles. Since childhood he had a passion to transformers and mechanisms.
The most recent collection called “Mechanics” is full of • М—А—R—К—I—N •'s passion to transformation and conversion.
Jewellery design can be shy or splendid depending on the situation, time of the day or mood of restless and adventurous owners. The Mechanics collection already consists of six jewellery transformers. For example, “Drops” earrings pretend to be an ordinary jewellery, but once you touch a hidden button, the gentle mechanism opens flower petals covering diamond dewdrops, that were born to shine in the night.
Our bespoke pieces and fine jewellery collections such as Bridges and Mechanics are aimed at mature clients with distinctive style and deep understanding of their own personality. When we say mature though, we do not mean the age, but rather self-consciousness and experience within fashion and jewellery world. Those are the people who have already seen what top-class fine jewellery looks like, worn those pieces and search for remarkable features to highlite their individuality.
All our creations reveal themselves in full only when touched, worn and examined thoroughly. Our jewellery is designed and constructed for people, who have command of all their senses and want to develop them further.
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Finished Products, Gold Jewellery, Importer, Manufacturer
Rare Stones
Rare stones had been well established in Hong Kong since 1988. We deal in good quality Precious and semi precious stones, beads and carvings. We also supply 18 k Diamond and Colored stones jewellery along with Victorian jewellery.
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Finished Products, Diamond Jewellery, Importer
Designs Dubai UK Fashion Ltd


Each piece of the D2UK line is hand-made with rhodium-plating or 18K gold-plating in high quality 925 silver, by the finest jewellery masters, who carefully select each element with great detail.

In order to achieve the personality and essence of every piece, they use precious and semi-precious stones such as high quality Cubic Zirconia, according to the right cut, clarity and color. Including as well, other stones such as amethyst, aquamarine, citrine, coral, diamond, emerald, jade, onyx, opal, pearl, ruby and sapphire.

As the perfect complement to the jewellery sets, D2UK offers an exotic range of designer watches with rhodium or gold plating finishing, and embellished with Zirconia and Crystal stones.

Fine jewellery in impressively beautiful models , bring to life D2UK’s designer collection.
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Finished Products, Silver Jewellery, Manufacturer
Glory Jewellery Co Limited
Founded in 1994, Glory Jewellery Co. Limited specializes in fine jewellery 18 karat gold set with diamonds, sapphires and pearls. We have a collection of samples of over thousands of designs, including rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and jewellery sets. Our major markets are local and Asia.
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Finished Products, Diamond Jewellery, Agents/ Distributor