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Geeta Shyam Jewellers
त्वमेव माता च पिता त्वमेव ।
त्वमेव बन्धुश्च सखा त्वमेव ।
त्वमेव विद्या द्रविणम् त्वमेव ।
त्वमेव सर्वम् मम देव देव ॥
Remembering this shloka.... Our new venture is dedicated to our Parents, who have given us perfect upbringing, right values & morals about life's business.
'Geeta' our mother, whose love & affection is always with us, no matter she is not in person with us.
"Shyam" our father, who is an idol for us, giving values of life & morals of business to us always. He is a continuous support & guide to us.
This perfect balance is amalgamated now as our prime logo & our flagship institution of business.... Sunil Jewellers & Praveen Agarwal Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. Here by present before you our most prestigious & close to heart venture, This is a Tribute to our Late Mother Smt. Geeta Devi.
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Finished Products, Diamond Jewellery, Manufacturer
Bao Nguyen Jewelry Company Limited
The BN Jewelry Story
The BN Jewelry management staff and manufacturing facility is equipped with modern, state-of-art technology to mass-produce gold-based jewelry.
All of our manufacturing and gold testing machines have been imported from Italy, and because of our growing demand, many of these machines have been bought within the past couple of years to keep up with the up and coming technology to produce its high quality products.
We currently produce 5000 to 10,000 jewelry items per day, ranging from simple to complicated and more detailed pieces. To achieve this, we use between 10 -20 Kg. of gold per month, and by adding shifts, we can easily double or even triple our production to meet peak seasonal or increase demand.
We have a company culture that stresses quality. Before a delivery to a customer takes place, each BN Jewelry product must meet stringent quality standards in the smallest of details. We are always committed to satisfy our customers by providing products of the highest quality.
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Finished Products, Gold Jewellery, Manufacturer
Amethyst Kingdom Company Ltd
Amethyst Kingdom (AK)  is an experienced manufacturer & wholesaler in gemstone jewelry for over 20yrs since 1994.

We specialize with high-polish 925 silver jewelry with 14K/18K real gold elements.  

We offer both casting and handmade jewelry, including interchangable jewelry (bangle/ ring/ earrings/ pendant),  twisted rope style silver bangle & jewlry set,  stylish men & unisex jewelry,  safety-focus child jewelry etc.  

We can master different techniques and willing to explore new ones with clients to meet their specific market needs, such as oxidized jewelry,  enamel paint & inlay gemstones & MOP shell,  fancy cut gemstones and making doublet & triplet gemstones,  stretched gemstone bead bracelet etc.

We provide various kinds of Gemstones products such as strands, loose beads & cut, carving, and display / collective items such as gemstone clusters,  points & ball, Geodes etc. New materals introduction as Iron-Nickel Meteorite & Modalvite jewelry.

We offer different types of gemstones, from opaque to colorful translucent, from standard shap cut to tailor-made / one-of-a-kind format.  

Welcome OEM & ODM,   and custom-make jewelry / Designer-support services!
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Finished Products, Gemstone Jewellery, Wholesaler
Intramanee Co Ltd
Intramanee Co., Ltd. was founded on 1 October 2014 with the mission of developing and producing the most valuable jewelry for its quality and well-timed service and delivery. With 180 employees, Intramanee aims to be a partner in business that can serve as a virtual jewelry factory.

Intramanee Co., Ltd. can develop samples from design, working from sketches, photos, CAD files or whatever the mind can imagine. Intramanee Co., Ltd. casts, rolls and stamps gold, silver and brass, creating masterpieces or simple works of art, plain or set with diamonds, semi-precious gemstones or crystal and cubic zirconia. Intramanee Co., Ltd. can work with materials such as leather, silk and nylon cords, beads, chains and findings to produce bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, bangles, cufflinks, charms, lockets, and customizable jewelry. Intramanee Co., Ltd. can add value and color to each jewelry piece it produces by plating it with rhodium, gold, rose gold, pure silver, black ruthenium, palladium and anti-tarnish coating. Intramanee Co., Ltd. has quality standards that can be certified and cross-checked to meet any requirement. Intramanee Co., Ltd. is sure to deliver on time and serve with the highest level of care and integrity.
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Finished Products, Silver Jewellery, Manufacturer
Huang Li Fen
The company was founded in 1999, the franchise jewelry processing
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Finished Products, Gemstone Jewellery, Manufacturer
Adam Wyspianski
Masterpiece of art jewellery by Adam Wyspianski combines strength of metal with gentleness of a plant. The Artist expresses hot rhythms of the Nature using a row material which doesn’t used to surrender to its power. He does an extra effort dealing with space technology metal using traditional blacksmith methods. The hard, cold-silver titanium gives in return an unexpected metamorphosis – under pressure of destructive power of the fire it turns into tropical night flower flashing with every tint of the blue. The art jewellery created by hand of the Artist suddenly gets alive and blooms. A harmony of its curves and beauty shapes of feminine body becomes a natural and obvious fulfillment. Just like flowers sticked into the hairs of beautiful girls from islands of  Pacific Ocean.

Adam Wyspianski(アダム・ヴィスピアンスキ)のアートジュエリーは、金属の力強さと植物の優しさを融合させた傑作です。 かつては取り扱うことが困難であった素材を用いることで、アーティストは自然の熱いリズムを表現しています。 彼は宇宙開発でも使用される金属を伝統的な鍛冶屋的手法で加工することに特に力を注いでいます。 硬く冷たいシルバーチタニウムは、強烈な炎と圧力の下で変化し、青く鮮やかに煌めく熱帯の夜の花へと変化します。 アーティストの手によって生みだされ咲き誇るアートジュエリー。 女性の身体の美しいシェイプとジュエリーの曲線が織りなすハーモニーは、自然と充足感を与えてくれることでしょう。 それはまるで太平洋の島々の美しい女性が髪につけた花のように。

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Finished Products, Silver Jewellery, Manufacturer
We invite you "to take a walk in our garden"
Art decô, art nouveau...beautiful original jewelry and also replicas.
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Finished Products, Antique Jewellery, Wholesaler
Lunawat Gems Corporation
Lunawat Gems Corporation is a gemstones manufacturing company with its cutting factory based in India. We supply hundreds of precious and semi-precious gemstones and beads in various cuttings. Hence, being a one stop destination for all your gemstone requirements. Our forte is custom cutting as per the needs and requirements of customers. 
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Finished Products, Others, Manufacturer
ABC Stone Co Ltd
We are Bangkok based registered company, serving the industry since 2,000. We specialize in Pink Kunzites in calibrated and far sizes. We do made to order as well. We have huge collection of Exotic Pink Kunzites in far sizes. Match sets. Layouts. We also have good stocks of Aquamarine Morganite Tourmaline Tanzanite Emeralds Ruby Sappahire and many other semi precious stones. We offer Quality in Quanty at Best Prices.  Test Us to Trust us. for more details please contact us at gemstonescompany@gmail.com
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Finished Products, Gemstone Jewellery, Wholesaler
Neva Limited
Founded from a small workshop in 1982, NEVA has now grown to become one of China's largest jewelry manufacturers and exporters fulfilling orders on a global scale.

Our head business office is located in Hong Kong, whilst our expansive factory facility comprising a total area of over 200,000 square feet run by a tight knit team of 900 fully trained workers is located in Panyu, China.

NEVA has the capacity to produce various jewelry in a number of sectors including 9-18k gold, sterling silver, imitation, fashion, children, and other accessories. We are able to set diamonds, semi/precious stones, crystals, and pearls etc, and to also offer a multitude of plating options to achieve the look our client's desire.

NEVA is a member of:

- Hong Kong Jewellery & Jade Manufacturers Association
- Hong Kong Jewellery Manufacturers Association
- Hong Kong Exporters Association
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Finished Products, Silver Jewellery, Manufacturer