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New Titanium sieves for diamonds

New Titanium sieves in QUARTER numbers. 
Availabe in 75 plates 
This tool is necassary for every diamond office.

Free tweezer & Loupe if purchased thru Jewellery Net Asia.
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  • Are you looking for some exotic stone for your jewelry?
    Do you want most feminine color stone for your jewelry?
    Are you looking for beautiful big stones, yet not expensive?
    Do you want to complete big orders in same sizes and shapes?
    Do you want to offer to your customers, shiny bright gemstones?
    Do you want to earn profit in today’s recession time ?
    Do you want to use Natural Big Size Stones, yet not expensive?
  If your answer is YES Then Go For Pure Pink Passion  

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Exotic Pink Kunzites

   Why Kunzite ?
  • It is a beautiful 100% Natural Stone with lots of sparkle & good color.
    It is available at most affordable prices compare to other natural pink color stones ( like Pink Tourmaline , Rubilite,  Ruby, Pink Sapphire etc.)
    It is available in sufficient quantity to complete big orders as well.
    It’s light color look like “Pink Morganite” with much cheaper prices and enough availability. Morganite is popular stone with low availability.
    It has heeling power and emotion balancing power.
    It is suitable to wear for night parties because of its sparkling Purplish Pink color, it shines even in less light.
    Even very large sizes (100 carats and up ) are not expensive. We have sizes upto 500 Carats.
    It’s color suits with every color of your wardrobe, either it is black, Pink, white, purple or any color of dress.
    Pink is most liked color by females, hence goods to make feminine jewelry.
    It is suitable for all kind of jewelry for example Rings, Ear rings, Pendants, Necklaces, Bracelets etc.
    It is suitable for all occasions of jewelry and gifts.
      Last but not least, we are with you to fulfill all your requirements with all our master cutters.
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Unique jewelery, never the same!


Special and modern design for some jewelry pieces totally hand made in Italy with the ancient workmanship.
No casting and 3D modelling is used to produce this collection, only the Gold sheet cut and modelled by hand.
Unique jewelery, never the same!
A touch of modernity and Nordic style
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From 15th to 19th September, we will participate in the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair, one of the most important showcases for the jewellery industry in Asia.
We will be glad to welcome you at our stand 5F617, in hall 5FG, at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre.
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Giovanni Ferraris Couture award

Giovanni Ferraris and his fabulous Titanium earrings conquer the Couture Design Award in Las Vegas.
Las Vegas – June 6, 2017 – Giovanni Ferraris’s fourth time at Couture Las Vegas, the prestigious interna­tional invite-only show for top jewellers worldwide, was a ‘wow’ experience.
Just like his debut at Couture back in 2014, Giovanni Ferraris received the Couture Design Award again.
This new recognition went to his beautiful titanium, gold, and diamond ‘dancing’ earrings, which topped the category for the Editor’s Choice.
The earrings are part of the exclusive Titanium collection, which includes original items. They combine luxury, volume and lightness – an equation solved by Giovanni Ferraris from an alternative viewpoint. Tita­nium is the alternative – an amazing technological material but difficult to work with. Only Giovanni Ferrari craftsmen were able to tame it to deliver such jewellery, with a fluid design and organic inspiration, light­weight and large.
The 2017 Couture Design Award seals the positive outcome of the show, with the appreciative interest by Couture selected visitors in his collections, mainly the 2017 ones – Vanity, Polvere di Stelle, Tiramisù, Millefoglie. In particular, they are characterised by many diamonds in many nuances, as well as a certain business vibrancy.
So, at Couture, Giovanni Ferraris displayed his best pieces to stand out with jewellery entirely made in the San Salvatore Monferrato atelier, showing genuine respect for Italian tradition, top quality craftsmanship and creativity. It is jewellery entirely made in Italy.
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