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Finished Products, Pearl Jewellery, Manufacturer
Artica Jewelry Limited
We are a Hong Kong based company having factory in China producing high quality polished 925 silver jewelry of cz, mop, opal, different colors semi-precious stone. Please visit our website www.articajewelry.com or contact us for further information.

We will exhibit at the Hong Kong Jewellery Show in March & September and cordially invite you to visit us there.

We expect to see or hear you soon. Let us know for any questions or inquiries. Thanks.
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Finished Products, Silver Jewellery, Manufacturer
Finished Products, Materials, Diamonds, Diamond Jewellery, Importer, Manufacturer
Vishrut Gems
VISHRUT GEMS is a leading merchant of a
rare jewels & especially Bahraini pearls since 1919.
The company represents the fourth generation and
Has been a regular supply of Bombay Bunch Pearls
for from its own manufacturing unit
to drill process, polished and string Natural oriental
Gulf pearls. The company has won numerous awards and exports its products throughout Saudi Arabia Bahrain Kuwait Dubai & doha. including Europe United States Far East and many other countries searching for perfection. We speciallize in
Natural Saltwater Pearls from 1.00 Mm to 14.00 Mm
thus giving wide choice of options to its clients in all
quality color and size.
This is only possible due to heritage of contacts skills
knowledge and experience the company has gained
over the years.
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Finished Products, Pearl Jewellery, Exporter
Finished Products, Materials, Gemstone Jewellery, Diamonds, Retailer, Supplier
Veedheer Diam
Specilize In Fancy Color Diamonds, Rounds Low Color parcels and LB Parcels
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Finished Products, Diamond Jewellery, Retailer
Treasure Bright Company Limited
Since 2002, our company is specialized in stainless steel products. We manufacture all the production line that we distribute around the world.

We detain a wide range of products designed for men, woman and have an innovating hoops collection. We are well known to offer good value for money.

Our products are mainly made of stainless steel associated with diamonds, gold screws, ceramic, carbon, rubber or several PVD colors.

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Finished Products, Silver Jewellery, Manufacturer
Thompson Brothers Co Ltd
Thompson Brothers, a well-known jewelry manufacturer and exporter since 1961.

With operational experiences as manufacturer and exporter of gold and silver jewelry, we consistently serve our customers from around the world, with fairness and sincerity. Our customer profile ranges from well-known wholesalers to famous retailers and great amount of chain stores in Europe, Australia, Japan, and etc.

The products of Thompson Brothers are high quality and surpass the international standards.

Today, we still continue to strive on keeping our high-quality production to serve our customers’ needs with elegant and beautiful jewelry. And, this is why Jewellery by Thompson is to be treasured forever.
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Finished Products, Gold Jewellery, Exporter
Studex (Hong Kong) Company Limited
Studex® is recognized as the leader in ear piercing systems and allergy-free fashion earrings for consumers of all ages. As the world's largest manufacturer of ear piercing instruments, studs, and supplies we uphold an uncompromising commitment to quality and service that has lasted for over forty years. We make an extensive range of piercing systems and medical-grade studs to satisfy the needs of clients globally. State of the art manufacturing and packaging capabilities enable us to produce a plethora of eye-catching styles for key demographics within the ear piercing and allergy-free earring categories. Our production capacity is beyond compare, and Studex is constantly expanding to supply the needs of a growing international demand. We meet this demand with over thirty-one offices around the world on six continents. Finally, Studex® adheres to the most rigorous health and safety standards for our products. As a result, all Studex® sterilized ear piercing studs meet or exceed U.S Food & Drug Administration regulations and European Commission standards.
“For over four decades, Studex® has produced the world’s most advanced ear piercing systems, piercing after care and hypoallergenic earrings. Our commitment has always been to provide safe and gentle products for people with sensitive ears of any age.
Our safe and gentle nature is also seen through our sensitivity to earth. Studex® and its employees are committed to efficient manufacturing procedures to reduce our green house gas emissions on the earth. Every employee at Studex® shares a stake in the reduction of energy used to produce our products. Every department is challenged with the search for solutions that reduce energy consumption, conserve raw materials, and recycle material waste. As with most innovations
seen in our industry, Studex® is at the forefront, leading the way with more efficient production and packaging technologies. In the future we will continue to deliver the safest ear piercing systems, hypoallergenic earrings and after care products that are gentle to ears and gentle to earth.”
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Finished Products, Fashion Jewellery and Others, Manufacturer
Silapano Co Ltd
We specialise in unique handmade one-of-a-kind jewellery.
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Finished Products, Gemstone Jewellery, Manufacturer