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Ring Citi Inc.
Alamode Fashion Jewelry Company was founded in 1980s. Before becoming the most recognized wholesale fashion jewelry distributor in the market, Alamode started by exhibiting at local trade shows and flea markets in the area as a three-man operation and gradually introduced their products to the market. 

Now, for more than two decades, AlamodeOnline.com has offered the highest quality wholesale fashion jewelry and exceptional customer service to retailers and businesses around the world. AlamodeOnline.com has kept growing and expanding over the years to become the largest manufacturer and distributor of fashion jewelry.

During the internet boom, AlamodeOnline.com launched its first informational website in 1997 and became the virtual world pioneer of the wholesale jewelry industry. Later in 2001, AlamodeOnline.com lauched its eCommerce website to bring Alamode to the next level by adding the shopping cart technology, making history in the wholesale jewelry industry once again. Today, AlamodeOnline.com owns the most user-friendly website in the market.
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Finished Products, Fashion Jewellery and Others, Wholesaler
M.C. Rosas & Filhos Lda
Vicente Manuel de Moura, was born on 24 September 1815. He is the first generation of this lineage of 200 years.

Maria da Glória, the eldest daughter, married on November 7th 1877 with José Ayres Rosas (2nd generation) and both had modernized the family business and passed their knowledge in the art of jewellery for their son José Rosas Júnior (3rd generation).

Graduated in London by the Royal College of Arts, José Rosas Jr., became a distinguished citizen accumulating high prestige positions like being awarded as official of "Ordem de Santiago da Espada".

Manuel Maria Rosas, youngest son of José Rosas Jr. He had the honour and responsibility of restoring the Portuguese Crown Jewels.

It was on the 5th generation that the future of this heritage began to be driven by women. Maria do Carmo, eldest daughter of Manuel Maria, inherits her father's artistic vision. Knowledge that she starts passing to her daughter Joana Maria.

Wren Jewels is born at the hands of Joana in 2015. She uses with great pride and respect this centenary heritage, knowledge she  gained while working with her grandfather and mother. 

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Finished Products, Gold Jewellery, Designer
Era Ora Co Ltd
Era Ora was born two years ago in collaboration with the already existent family company founded over 20 years ago by Italian jewellers.
The concept of Era Ora is to bring on the market an exclusive product starting from the way of thinking of the Italian fashion style.
Our aim is to promote innovative, 'always new' jewellery that can surprise the customer, giving him the feeling to exclaim "finally!" a new item! In Italian, this exclamation can be translated literally as "Era Ora!" "Finally"!
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Finished Products, Watches, Exporter
Jungle Jewellery Ltd
We are a HK wholesale company specializing in manufacturing, wholesaling and exporting Pearl and Pearl Jewellery. We offer a full range of commercial to gem quality loose end South Sea Pearls, Tahitian Pearls and Chinese Fresh Water Pearls.
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Finished Products, Pearl Jewellery, Wholesaler
Jewelry Manufaturing & Design
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Finished Products, Gold Jewellery, Manufacturer
Tamsan Kuyumculuk
Since 1980, TAMSAN has produced high quality and modern jewels by using
jewellery art. As a leader of jewelry manufacturer, the winning strategy of Tamsan Jewels is supported by the newest manufacturing technique. With the most modern production machine and our many years experience, the jewelry production process is started from molding, casting, polishing, and setting to plating. Every manufacturing process is monitored and controlled by our quality professionals, which called Quality Control to ensure the maximum satisfaction and to guarantee the quality before the products are delivered to customer.
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Finished Products, Silver Jewellery, Importer
Amberhome LT
Our company AMBERHOME LT specializes in amber ware production and sales since 1993. We offer you a wide range of production made of the Baltic amber. This includes necklaces, teething necklaces, bracelets, pendants, amulets, rings, earrings, amber pieces with or without inclusions, miniature statues as well as loose amber. All our pieces are hand-made only of the natural amber taken from the Baltic sea and no other substitutes are used.
      Also we offer:
    sales at amber retail and  Baltic amber wholesale
    competitive prices
    highest quality of amber jewelry
    delivery anywhere place of the world
    discounts for regular customers
The basic foundation of our success is the high dedication of a team of professional staff who always provide our clients with good quality.
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Finished Products, Gemstone Jewellery, Manufacturer
S. Jewels (HK) Limited
Specialized in GIA certified and Non Certified diamonds.
GIA : 0.30 - 10.00 Cts. D - M and Fancy Color
Parcel Goods:
White, TLC, TTLB, TLB.
VS - I3
All seprate Assortment.
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Finished Products, Others, Manufacturer
Mintabie Opals Australia Pty Ltd
Mintabie Opals Australia brings together over 17 years experience in the Opal Industry. We are miners,cutters,wholesalers and exporters of all types of Australian Opal including black, crystal, black matrix, doublets, triplets, specimens and rough.
Our company provides a unique range of quality opals direct from the Australian Opal Fields to jewellery and gemstone manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. We are committed to providing the finest gem quality opals at the best possible price. As well as our extensive range of ready cut stones, we take pride in our ability to work with our clients to tailor individual pieces specific to their requirements.
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Finished Products, Others, Wholesaler
Founded in 1993, JIG is the sole jewelry specialized distribution company in Korea which manages more than 100 retail stores based on a strong manufacturing base. Holding 4 brands including Diame, Metrocity, Gemcom, Kokosugar and Hello Kitty(license) and each brand is operated through a different sales channel for targeted customer segment. Design development capabilities, strong manufacturing base, branding know-how accumulated over a long period of time and above all, JIG is pleased to introduce our various brands and products to overseas customers.
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Finished Products, Gold Jewellery, Manufacturer