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Hiroko Saito
H-iron is the brand name of Hiroko Saito own signature collection based in Tokyo since 1992.
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Finished Products, Pearl Jewellery, Manufacturer
A - 1 Jewelry Manufactory Limited
Established in 1995, A-1 is a well established jewellery manufacturing and exporting company. The company has set up its factory in PanYu in China, ensuring stringent selection of materials and quality control for jewellery manufacturing. Employing a workforce of 300 in its factory has enabled A-1 to provide jewellery with a high level of craftsmanship and innovative designs. Committed to bringing its customers trendy designs at competitive prices, A-1 specialises in high quality jewellery with gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, pearls and other colored gemstones. Jewellery produced by the company includes rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, brooches, and pendants from US $30 to US$5000 at wholesale.
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Finished Products, Diamond Jewellery, Manufacturer
C & F Jewellery (Mfr) Ltd
C & F Jewellery (MFR) Ltd specializes in fine jewelry adorned with marvelous diamonds and 18K gold. Its unparalleled setting technique has already got a patent, proving its unrivaled craftsmanship and high product quality. The company specializes in producing elegant and classic masterpieces including bracelets, brooches, earrings, necklaces, pendants and rings. With its own factory in China, C & F ensures a timely delivery of top-notch products to its customers.
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Finished Products, Diamond Jewellery, Manufacturer
Ferraris Gioielli Srl
Giovanni Ferraris successfully interprets new jewellery trends.
Giovanni Ferraris has seduced the whole world with unique , fine creations which
focus on quality and originality: premium-craftsmanship, bold jewellery, which isn’t
afraid to show its true colours. The international market was immediately captivated
by Giovanni Ferraris collections, in fact the company is envied the world over for its “
Made in Italy” concept of quality. The brand has the ability to interpret the desires
of contemporary women while maintaining a respectable distance from classic
jewellery elements, not completely forgetting them though , and injecting them
with contemporary glamour. The common denominator of the collections 2015:
explosion of colours, gold and precious stones, ready to infuse their luster on the
body of authentic, sophisticated and dynamic women of a strong character. Maxi
amethysts and topaz, diamonds both white and of a thousand shades “beads” in
gold studded with diamonds, also elegant rings and bracelets that wrap around
themselves like romantic curls.
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Finished Products, Diamond Jewellery, Manufacturer
UT Zaveri
We have strong pioneer into this business since 15 years we specialized in
                                                 From 0.30 ct to 5.00 ct in all colours and clarity with mostly
                                                 GIA certificate specializing Ex/Ex/Ex  ideal cut .
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Finished Products, Diamond Jewellery, Exporter
We are gold and silver jewellery manufacturer. Our company is based in Istanbul Kuyumcukent (Istanbul Gold Centre) In gold we can produce from 8ct. up to 22ct.

Our main markets are Eastern & Western Europe , Middle East , Far East , North America , South Africa and Australia & New Zealand.

We are regular exhibitors of Vicenzaoro , Oro Arezzo , Hong Kong Jewellery Show , Istanbul Jewellery Show , Junwex Russia such as international major jewellery fairs.

We can produce gold earrings , pendants , rings , bracelets , necklaces , bangles in yellow,white ,rose gold.
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Finished Products, Gold Jewellery, Manufacturer
Mert Kuyumculuk San ve Tic Ltd Sti
Çeyrek asırdır Türkiye alyans sektörüne yön vermekte olan Mert Alyans 2500 m2’lik kapalı  üretim tesisin-
de 1989 yılından beri faaliyet göstermektedir. Gelişmiş teknolojiye sahip makine ve cihazlarla donatılmış
olan üretim tesisinde dünya genelinde kabul görmüş yüksek kalite standartlarına sahip binlerce çeşit
alyans üretilmektedir. Her ürünü tecrübe, yaratıcılık ve özel üretim tekniklerinin bir bütünü olan 
Mert Alyans, sektörün önde gelen ve örnek alınan firmalarındandır. Dünya çapında öncü markalara alyans
üreten Mert Alyans, 40’dan fazla ülkeye bu eşsiz tasarıma sahip alyansları ihraç etmektedir. Bunun yanı sıra
iç pazarda da tanınmış perakendecilerden oluşan geniş bir satış ağına sahiptir.
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Finished Products, Others, Manufacturer
Yubido Gem Co Ltd
Yubido is the leading colored gemstone jewelry manufacture in Osaka, Japan.
Yubido specializes in ultra rare gemstones such as the electrifying Paraiba Tourmaline,
the very rare variety of green Garnet; Demantoid, the super rich blue Hauynite and many others.
YUBIDO is committed to upholding the highest standards in customer service and satisfaction.
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Finished Products, Gemstone Jewellery, Wholesaler

Mioro exhibits and maintains the difference it has made in the Turkish Jewelry sector through its innovative and industry-leading structure along with more than 30 years of experience. The company holds the leader position in gold chain production with its corporate structure; investments made in technology and creative designs with enriched product range. Mioro resumes its production of 8K, 9K, 10K, 14K, 18K, 21K and 22K jewelry with the advanced technology machines and 350 skilled employees on its 12.000 m2 production plant.

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Finished Products, Gold Jewellery, Exporter
Nelson Jewellery Arts Co Ltd
Established in 1980, Nelson Jewellery Arts Co., Ltd. is devoted to the creation of extraordinary jewellery with utter perfection and not even the slightest hint of a flaw. After 26 years of unswerving devotion to the application of cutting edge technology to high quality materials, the products as well as the branding of Nelson Jewellery are well received in the market. Nelson Jewellery is synonymous with excellent craftsmanship and prestigious quality.

In addition to the Hong Kong headquarters and sales offices in the USA (Los Angeles & New York), Australia, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Italy and Malaysia, Nelson Jewellery has 3 factories and workshops in Hong Kong, Long-Men and Pan-Yu respectively as well as a privately-owned stone cutting and polishing factory in Thailand.

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Finished Products, Diamond Jewellery, Manufacturer