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Ohana International General Trading Co LLC
Ohana company was Established by shahriyar Zamansani in the year 2006 under the name Ohana Int,l General Trading company which most of it,s work is related to Import, export and production of Turquoise.

In Ohana company our purpose is to introduce Persian Turquoise (Iranian turquoise) to all the people around world for It ,s Superiority, Quality and value. 

The history of working with turquoise in Ohana goes back to the family , Mr.Zamansani,s father Inlow (Mr.Assadollah Mihan) was in turquoise business for a long time ,his turquoise company was first established in 1963 in the city of Mashhad in State of Khorasan in north east of Iran but he is retired now, his daughter Farideh Mihan whom is Mr.Zamansani,s wife has always had a grate interest in Turquoise and her support and Encouraging and experience was one of the reason that this business started in Ohana. 
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Koehle J GmbH & Co KG
Founded in 1872, leading German based manufacturer in clasps for cultured pearls, wedding bands (brand KÜHNEL), pearl jewellery, crosses, hearts and silver/ zirkonia jewellery. Fairs in Vicenza, Freiburg and Hong Kong. More than 1,000 different designs in all price categories. Big machinery equipment in the production, so manufacturing of large series can be done in a very efficient way. NEW in 2015: SLIDE (the magnetic clasp which has a power of more than 2kg), FLASH (the new and efficient presentation box for interchangeable clasps); in wedding bands: check the unique internet supported selling system for all B2B customers! - Also specialized in light weight but good quality clasps - 5kg-weight tested. All kind of clasps: also magnetic clasps, bracelet clasps, high precious pavée set clasps, different closing techniques. Besides clasps also pearl jewellery like rings, pendants and earrings are manucatured. Today 45 employees inhouse. - TEST-THE_BEST! TEST THE GERMAN KÖHLE POWER!
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Finished Products, Pearl Jewellery, Manufacturer
DigitalWax systems give the goldsmith‘s companies the latest RP and RM technology, ensuring the production of high quality models which reduce to a minimum the manual finishing phase. DigitalWax Additive Manufacturing techniques and materials allow to overcome geometric limits and minimize production costs. Translating a 3D model, designed with 3D CAD systems, into an exceptionally complex and precise three-dimensional prototype is carried out in few hours’ time. DWS products are characterized by new generation UV resins, an innovative solid-state BluEdge laser, specifically designed software, an immersion-free process, speed, precision and high quality surfaces. DigitalWax J Series is designed to meet all the production needs: small laboratories, average quantity needs, high or mass production volumes. All machines work with proprietary casting resins for direct lost-wax casting and with ceramic resins for rubber moulding at high temperature or medium-low temperature vulcanized rubber
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Cetas Jewelry
Cetas jewelry is founded in 1974 in Istanbul. Company is focused on high quality fine gold jewelry production. The production is aimed to create desirable jewelry by using hollow chain, casting and stamping techniques. Cetas’s success for more than 40 years is to design jewelry by using the latest technology with combination of handmade skills.
14K, 18K, 21K and 22K production. 
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Finished Products, Gold Jewellery, Manufacturer
Valery Gold
VALERY GOLD Jewellery House is a family business, successfully operating in the jewellery industry since 1997. Our brand is trendy and relevant, setting leadership positions in gold and diamond jewelry markets.
VALERY GOLD's priorities include our own production in Russia, experienced craftsmen who are trained by eminent professionals, quality assurance, and of course author's ideas and best traditions of jewellery production. Developing a company chain, we have opened sales offices in a number of major cities. Our customers can buy jewellery or order a custom design in Moscow, Kislovodsk and Dubai.
We are proud of the wide range of exclusive jewellery and we keep on expanding our selection. We have offered our customers a unique product - Gold Sticker from VALERY GOLD - is a real hit in the jewellery market of Russia and the world thanks to an affordable price, variety of design and wide range of applications.
In the manufacture of our products we combine modern technology and secrets of jewellery-making that have been passed down from generation to generation.
Our motto is "Create new while preserving the traditions."
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Mousson Atelier
«Mousson Atelier»-is a unique jewelry design, professional manufacturer and exporter of jewellery.
The company «Mousson Atelier» produces jewelry of creative design and high quality. It is a complete production cycle company: we use only our own production capacities ranging from cut gems to sale items. When creating our collections we control all processes and track every step of creating jewelry. The complete cycle allows us to minimize the financial and time costs of production and thereby reduce the cost and increase the quality of products.
Production was established 2008 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Later a branch was opened in Moscow. We rely on a high-class craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology for the jewelry industry. «Mousson Atelier» offers varied price range and style. Designs vary from simlple modern to stunningly fancy. We select materials of the highest quality for «Mousson Atelier» jewelry: 18 ct. white, yellow and black gold; inserts of various shapes, sizes and c
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J. K. International
J.K INTERNATIONAL is a jewellery house based in Jaipur since 1983.Since its very foundation, J.K INTERNATIONAL has been pioneer of handcrafted jewellery and a synonym for exquisite craftsmanship. Our complete jewellery is manufactured in a state of art factory spread over a 20,000 sq. area situated at the Export Promotion Industrial Park in Sitapura. Along with employing 100 specialized craftsmen and a team of experienced designers, the entire production process starting from designing until the final polish is done in-house. J.K INTERNATIONAL believes in fair trade practices and hence only conflict-free stones and diamonds are sourced for our jewellery. Beautiful jewel pieces leave our portal every day to reach many delighted customers and our collection can also be spotted in various exhibitions.
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Finished Products, Diamond Jewellery, Manufacturer
Marvel Collections Ltd
Marvel is committed to give customers a consistent and exceptional experience in Fancy Colour Diamond and trustworthiness in pivotal areas of authenticity , standards and Customer gratification.

About Us
● Pioneers of Colour Diamonds in Taiwan.
● Unwavering Suppliers of varied fancy colour diamonds in terms of quality and quantity.
● We  offer lifetime warranty ,rarity in the industry of the colour diamond.
● We extend great after sale service in areas of resizing, repolishing.
● Marvel ‘ s diamonds are been tested and certified by GIA laboratory. 
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Finished Products, Diamond Jewellery, Wholesaler
Chrysos Spa / Officina Bernardi Srl
Chrysos Spa was established in 1987. It is a leading company, internationally renowned in manufacturing gold and silver chains. With its large collection, more than 4000 models divided into classical and fancy collections or diamond cut jewelry with beads of different types of designs, Chrysos spa meets the needs of different kinds of customers, such as wholesalers, retail chains and small retailers with its B2B service.
Chrysos spa manufactures 100% made-in-Italy jewels as it develops each step of  the entire production chain, from melting to packaging. Every year new models are designed and manufactured. Since 2008, Chrysos has also  developed the Officina Bernardi brand.
Quality is a key value in Chrysos’ manufacturing and management, for this reason the company is certified ISO 9001 and  ISO 14001.
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Finished Products, Gold Jewellery, Manufacturer