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Rachminov Diamonds 1891, Asia Ltd, from HONG KONG


Diamond Rays HK Ltd, from HONG KONG
Natural Yellow Diamond Earrings | Model# ArihantStar01

A Most Amazingly Gorgeous Pair of Earrings... 2 Fancy Yellow Cushion 6.10Ct TW Diamonds....created in 18K white & Yellow Gold.

Arihant Star, from INDIA

9.19 ct Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond SI1 in 18K rose gold.

Jacob's Jewelry Co Ltd, from THAILAND
Burna Ruby Ring | Model# RJ9426RU-YD

10.58 ct Cushion shape Burna Ruby Pigeon Blood, No indications of heating and 1.82 ct natural fancy vivid yellow diamonds VVS2 and SI2 in 18K yellow gold.

Jacob's Jewelry Co Ltd, from THAILAND

A breathtaking pair of 1.04Ct TW Fancy Yellow Diamond Marquise, 0.61Ct TW Faint Pink Diamond Marquise and 0.52Ct Fancy Bluish Green Diamond Oval Pave Drop Earrings. Set in 18K gold the center diamonds are complimented with 0.63Ct TW collection color white round brilliants. All center diamonds are GIA certified
Certified by GIA
Color: Fancy Yellow Marquise, Faint Pink Diamond Marquise, and Fancy Bluish Green Diamond Oval
Size: 1.04ct

Leibish & Co, from ISRAEL

18K Yellow Gold Enamel/Ruby/Golden Diamond/Diamond Necklace
Gold Weight:17.0g
Ruby,Golden Diamond,Diamond Quantity/Carat:16RR-0.31ct A 52RD-0.77ct A 35RD-0.16ct V

Cheng & Cheung Co (Hong Kong) Ltd, from HONG KONG
Yellow Diamond Ring | Model# 20976

Yellow Diamond mounting with 18K white gold ring.

Lane Design Jewellery Company Limited, from HONG KONG
DiamondSure | Model# .

This compact screening device will determine natural diamonds from synthetics and simulants. Both loose and mounted polished goods in the 0.10 – 10cts size range can be tested. The instrument is intended for colourless or near-colourless goods, although it will distinguish yellow synthetics from natural cape yellow diamonds. Other fancy colours will give a high referral rate and are not recommended. Loose diamonds should be placed table down on the fibre optic probe and the test button pressed. Around 98% of colourless and near-colourless diamonds will ‘PASS’ and require no further examination. All synthetics, simulants and around 2% of natural diamonds (type II and IaB) will register as ‘REFER FOR FURTHER TESTS’. Further tests can be completed using our DiamondView. For mounted goods the sample dish can be removed to release the fibre optic probe. This can then be used in combination with the ‘auto-detect’ function to test individual diamonds within a jewellery setting.

IIDGR (UK) Ltd, from UK

The center diamond with GIA Certificate

Triluck (HK) Limited, from HONG KONG

This book is the first published work to illustrate the commercial aspects of these magnificent gems without compromising the interests of any party throughout the supply chain. “The Layer System” presented in this book is a unique approach to illustrate the many impactful commercial characteristics absent from the GIA gemological report. Each attribute is represented as a “layer”, each layer is a chapter in the book and each chapter is accompanied by magnificent images and sketches that visually articulate the text.

The Fancy Color Research Foundation Ltd, from ISRAEL

Fancy intensive greenish yellow diamond with 18 carat gold. pendant rings design. For more informations and discount price ,please feel free to contact us. wechat:sukilite. Sign up to become our members we have wide variety of products and great discount for you.

Sukilite, from CHINA
Natural Fancy Yellow Diamond | Model# 08UP930160

Cushion shaped Natural Fancy Yellow Diamond - No BMG , 100% Eye Clean

Padma Gems, from INDIA

13.91 ct Nataral Fancy Yellow Diamonds VS2 - SI2, and 0.82 ct white diamonds in 18K yellow gold.

Jacob's Jewelry Co Ltd, from THAILAND
Jadeite Pendant | Model# 155177
Ice Jadeite 16pcs Opal 1pc 5.03ct Tourmaline 7pcs 15.89ct Pink Sapphire 15pcs 0.32ct Yellow Diamond 93pcs 2.30ct Black Diamond 14pcs 0.17ct Diamond 376pcs 6.39ct Agate/enamel W: 32.18g Pendant or Brooch
Liangher Jewellery Co Ltd, from TAIWAN
Spinel、 Diamond 、Moonstone、Yellow diamond slice、Sapphire
Carolyn Lo, from TAIWAN
FCD Earring | Model# E-2847
19.35ct Fancy Yellow Diamonds , W to Z, VS2, GIA, Total carat 23.14ct 22.21g White Gold
J. R. Diamond International Limited, from HONG KONG
Photoluminescence (abbreviated as PL) is light emission from any form of matter after the absorption of photons (electromagnetic radiation). PL-3000 is base on photoluminescence spectroscopy technology for diamond testing, it can identify natural type Ia, type IIa diamonds and synthetic diamonds. The machine is solid integration, easy to use. It can scan diamonds within 1 second and supports reliable evidence for diamond identification. sample:Finished ,bare stone, HPHT, CVD, Ib yellow diamond,0.001 carat Time:<1 second Min. size:0.001ct Life hours:5000h Testing environment:Normal atmospheric temperature Weight:5kg Size:275*185*65mm
Guangzhou Biaoqi Electronics Technology Co Ltd, from CHINA
FY earring | Model# E-2848
2.16ct Roand FY Diamonds, VS1, GIA white RD DIA 1.86ct, FY RD DIA 0.67ct, 18K white gold, 7.54g
J. R. Diamond International Limited, from HONG KONG