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No Heat

Wild, Constantin & Co, from GERMANY
Tanzanite | Model# TZRMC01

Tanzanite is the blue/violet variety of the mineral zoisite belonging to the epidote group. Note: custom made sizes, shapes and cuttings are available on request.

RMC Gems HK Co, from HONG KONG
Tanzanite | Model#

Tanzanite octagon

Arnoldi, Carl Friedrich GmbH, from GERMANY

High grade Amethyst with good body colour.

Walster International Limited, from HONG KONG
18K Diamond Earrings
L' Dezen Jewellery Co Ltd, from HONG KONG

Ornate, scrolling lines decorate this 18k white gold necklace, with diamond accents and large, trillion-cut kunzite stones. The appeal of this gemstone lies in its clarity and its fine delicate pink nuances that often display a hint of violet. These are delicate, tender hues, feminine and seductive.

Lorenzo Jewelry Limited, from HONG KONG
Pear Shape Tanzanite Pair | Model# BT7-1185

21.3x14.2mm Pear Shape Tanzanite Pair 42.08 carats

Intercolor USA, from USA
DiamondView | Model# .

The DiamondView is designed to examine any diamonds that have been 'referred' by DiamondSure. The instrument looks at the surface fluorescence by illuminating the diamond with short-wave ultra-violet light. An image of this fluorescence is then viewed on computer and a decision can then be made on whether the diamond is natural or synthetic. The colour of the fluorescence, the fluorescence pattern and the absence or presence of phosphorescence will differ depending on the diamond's natural or synthetic origin. Loose polished diamonds can be viewed using the integrated vacuum holder although it is also possible to look at some mounted goods by changing the holder assembly.

IIDGR (UK) Ltd, from UK

Rough of Amethyst Quartz from Brazil, deep colour and really clear quality

Pregi Snc, from ITALY

We do orders in this stone in almost all shapes, sizes and cuttings.
Size: Any size.
Payment: 50% Advance and 50% on delivery
Packaging: As per Requirement
Delivery Time: 1-2 WEEKS

Gemstones Corporation, from INDIA

Origin: Brazil
Treatment: Unheated
Hardness: 7
Specific Gravity: 2.65-2.91

From time to time we get email asking us whether we sell something called green amethyst. Since amethyst, by definition, is the violet to purple shade of quartz, there is really no such thing as green amethyst. The term "green amethyst" makes as much sense as "red emerald" or "yellow ruby." Some gemstone varieties are simply defined by their distinctive color.

Having said that, clearly the customer is in search of something that someone told him is called green amethyst. What is it? Where does it come from? Does it have anything to do with amethyst?

What the customer is looking for is something known by gemologists as prasiolite. The name comes from the Greek for "leek-green." Prasiolite is a golden green quartz, somewhat similar in color to peridot or gold-green beryl.
Color: Mint Green
Size: All shapes, sizes and cuts are available

RMC Gems Thai Co Ltd, from THAILAND

0.40ct Natural Fancy Deep Violet Blue Diamonds,Cushion Shape. GIA Certified.

Arihant Star, from INDIA
Tourmaline unheated | Model# TP 01

Beautifull natural unheated torumaline paraiba. Oval - Purple - 50,91cts - 24x20,5x16,5mm

Bezim Gems Ltd, from BRAZIL
KUNZITE | Model# RMC-011

Kunzite is the pale pink to light violet gem-quality semi precious stone.

RMC Gems Thai Co Ltd, from THAILAND
5 Carat Origin: Madagascar
Caram e. K., from GERMANY
Luxury pendant box | Model# JP1018
Luxury leather
AJ Paper Products Limited, from HONG KONG
Jewellery box | Model# JZ032
Special paper
AJ Paper Products Limited, from HONG KONG
Paper Bag | Model# B1019
Soft touch paper
AJ Paper Products Limited, from HONG KONG
Amethyst Cabs
Available in almost all shapes & sizes in all cuttings.
Color: Voilet
Payment: 50% Advance and 50% on delivery
Delivery Time: 1-2 WEEKS
Gemstones Corporation, from INDIA
Pearl Type: Fresh Water Pearl Pearl Color: Violet Color Pearl Size: 6-7mm Ring Accessory: Rose Gold Plated in 925 Sterling Silver Ring Size: Free to Adjust
Tai Woo Pearl (Hong Kong) Company Limited, from HONG KONG