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Neon colours are in – as shown by the fashion weeks in London, Berlin and other fashion centres. "Gemstones in neon colours are far more sophisticated" says Constantin Wild, explaining: "You see neon-coloured clothing fairly often – but gemstones in neon colours are and will continue to be coveted rarities." This 14-carat oval canary tourmaline, also in a scissors cut, comes from Malawi. The stone, measuring 18.5 by 14 millimeters, appeals with its lemon yellow, which shines in neon-green.
Color: lemon yellow neon green
Size: 14 carat

Wild, Constantin & Co, from GERMANY

5 grams 14K Yellow Gold with 18inch cable chain with

1 diamond, 0.20tcw G/H S12 

4 multi-color tourmaline 5x3- .80tcw 

2 multi-color tourmaline 5x4 - .70tcw

The Tsavorite Factory (USA) Inc. , from USA
Rubellite | Model#

All Shapes and Sizes available. Can cut on Order.

KGE Rough & Gems Co Ltd, from THAILAND
MINI LUCKY series to the classic lucky symbol of Clover as a source, is a guard for your lucky fashion products, the series of products with "lucky stone," said, contains the energy of natural red tourmaline, with the meaning of good luck Colored gemstones, double-sided design, double-sided wear, each side are your guardian lucky, blessing.
Shenzhen Colour Vogue Jewellery Co Ltd, from CHINA
Earset Chrysopras Tourmaline red | Model# Earset Chrysopras

tot. 31,37 ct

Wild, Paul OHG, from GERMANY
Cabochon Paraiba Tourmaline | Model# Paraiba Tourmaline Cab

Brazil 16,99 ct

Wild, Paul OHG, from GERMANY
Paraiba Ring | Model# H40304

Paraiba tourmaline 6,34 ct. Diamonds D/E vvs 1,07 ct. platinum price on request

Henn of London Limited, from UK
Multi-color Tourmaline Ring in 925 Silver | Model# Multi-color Tourmaline Ring in 925 Silver

Multi-color Tourmaline Ring in 925 Silver

Amethyst Kingdom Company Ltd, from HONG KONG
2014 AGTA Spectrum winner | Model# AGTA Spectrum winner 2014

18K white gold with Paraiba, Emerald, Tanzanite accented with white Diamonds

Caroline C, from USA

Glowing from the inside out, the Paraiba Tourmaline is not only rare, but comes in various colors including neon blue, neon blue-green, and more. Paraiba Tourmaline is considered to be one of two different birthstones that can be accepted for the month of October and because of this, it is also one of the gemstones for Libras and Scorpios. It does tend to vary in color, like most Tourmaline, but its brilliance and somewhat neon glow comes from that fact that it contains the element Copper.

RMC Gems Thai Co Ltd, from THAILAND
Emerald Pendant Top | Model# Eme2502582

41.60 ct huge emerald sent in platinum 900 with diamonds total weight 8.03 cts

Yubido Gem Co Ltd, from JAPAN

18KY Tourmaline with Diamond Ring

Abba Jewellery (Mfg) Limited, from HONG KONG
Tourmaline Beads | Model# Tour Beads 1

We have All types of Tourmaline Beads- Round, Tamoto, Square & Fancy Shapes, From Top Clean to Lower Qualities, All Colors from Multi Tourmaline to Blue Tourmaline, Green Tourmaline, Rubellite Beads. We have our own Manufacturing unit for Tourmaline Beads

KGE Rough & Gems HK Co Ltd, from HONG KONG

Gross Weight: 5.76 g Metal: 925 Sterling Silver Metal Weight: 4.90 g Dimension: 21 x 32 MM Main Stone: Tourmaline Main Stone Color: Multicolor

Shri Arihant Mangal Expo Impo, from INDIA
BGC - Brasil Gem Commerce Ltda, from BRAZIL

Category: Designer Ring
Dimension: W-0.94, H-0.22, L-0.65 Inch
Size: 9
Weight: 12.38 GMS
Metal: Sterling Silver
Color: Multicolour
Size: USA 9

India Gems D/B/A Jewelery Unlimited Inc, from USA

Category: Designer Bracelet
Dimension: W-1.14,H-0.34 INCH
Weight: 68.50 GMS
Color: GREEN
Metal: Sterling Silver
Color: Green

India Gems D/B/A Jewelery Unlimited Inc, from USA

Category: Plain Bracelet
Dimension: W-0.45, H-0.23 Inch
Size: DROP LAIN-6, EXT. CHAIN-3 Inch
Weight: 27.25 GMS
Metal: Sterling Silver
Color: Multicolour
Size: 7" With Adjustable

India Gems D/B/A Jewelery Unlimited Inc, from USA

Natural Mint Green Tourmaline, perfectly cut in Idar-Oberstein, size´s from 3 - 20 carat´s in a superfine quality the colour is a neon mint green, glowing amazing!

Ahmed, Vikar, from GERMANY