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High grade Amethyst with good body colour.

Walster International Limited, from HONG KONG

Sterling silver ring with natural gemstone (amythest), EvaStone 2014 Collection

Rafael Szyszko, from POLAND

Pretty compititer exw price with good quality, quickly delivery. You can change the stone, platting color even the design. OEM and ODM are avalible. Contact me know more.

Wuzhou Jiang Ming Gems Co Ltd, from CHINA
Pearl Size: 8-11mm Pearl Shape: Circle Material: Red Agate, Silver rhd.
Gyso Pearls & Jewellery Limited, from HONG KONG

Category: Designer Pendant
Dimension: W-1.30, H-0.20, L-1.38 Inch
Weight: 7.75 GMS
Metal: Sterling Silver
Color: Green And Purple
Size: W-1.30, H-0.20, L-1.38 Inch

India Gems D/B/A Jewelery Unlimited Inc, from USA

African Amethyst Oval Cut 12x10mm .

Order accepted for all shapes, sizes & cuttings.
Color: Deep Purple
Size: Any.

Gemstones Corporation, from INDIA

Category: Designer Pendant
Dimension: W-0.78, H-0.22, L-2.00 Inch
Weight: 7.55 GMS
Metal: Sterling Silver
Color: Multicolour
Size: W-0.78, H-0.22, L-2.00 Inch

India Gems D/B/A Jewelery Unlimited Inc, from USA

Category: Designer Bracelet
Dimension: W-1.14,H-0.34 INCH
Weight: 68.50 GMS
Color: GREEN
Metal: Sterling Silver
Color: Green

India Gems D/B/A Jewelery Unlimited Inc, from USA
Pearl with Amethyst Earrings | Model# PS110573E-1

Sterling silver
4mm round amethyst
11.5-12mm Freshwater pearl
Rhodium Plated
Payment: 30% deposit, balance before shipment

Wing Wo Hing Jewelry Group Limited, from HONG KONG

The dainty 18K white-gold pendant freezes your attention with the centered green amethyst. The multiple gemstones as well as the diamond accents offer alluring beauty. Embellish your look with this dazzling pendant

Material: white gold, Multi Gem Stone, Green Amethyst
Color: Green, Red, Orange, Blue

Profit Gem Jewellery (Group) Limited, from HONG KONG
Birthstone Halo Pendants | Model# 6052P, 6053P, 6054P, 6055P, 6059P, 6060P

925 Sterling Silver jewelry pendant with Bridstone(Stone color can be choose) Material: 925 Sterling Silver Plating: Rhodium Plated

Twinflies Silver Jewelry Manufacturing Limited, from HONG KONG
Majestic Pendant | Model# SE00590

Available in 925 sterling silver/brass/base metals. Stones are set with Genuine Amethyst 9x7 mm and White Cublic Zirconia.
Color: Yellow Gold Plated
Inspection: Upon request
Payment: 50% deposit & 50% T/T before shipment date
MOQ: 100 pieces
Packaging: Upon request
Delivery Time: Standard Quality: 30-45 days / High Quality: 45-60 days

Regal Jewelry Manufacture Co Ltd, from THAILAND
Earrings Geometry | Model# E0190-1/1

18 K gold, amethyst, diamonds

Mousson Atelier, from RUSSIAN FEDERATION

Lovely 4 leaf clover design to bring the wearer luck. The set includes: earrings, ring, bracelet, necklace. Available in different kinds of gemstones: blue topaz, amethyst, citrine, peridot, garnet, etc. Available in different kinds of plating(yellow gold, rose gold, rhodium, black rhodium)

Linkshing Limited, from HONG KONG

Rough of Amethyst Quartz from Brazil, deep colour and really clear quality

Pregi Snc, from ITALY

We do orders in this stone in almost all shapes, sizes and cuttings.
Size: Any size.
Payment: 50% Advance and 50% on delivery
Packaging: As per Requirement
Delivery Time: 1-2 WEEKS

Gemstones Corporation, from INDIA
Beautiful cabochon | Model# Cabochon

A deep colored and perfectly transparent citrine of very high quality.

Pregi Snc, from ITALY

Origin: Brazil
Treatment: Unheated
Hardness: 7
Specific Gravity: 2.65-2.91

From time to time we get email asking us whether we sell something called green amethyst. Since amethyst, by definition, is the violet to purple shade of quartz, there is really no such thing as green amethyst. The term "green amethyst" makes as much sense as "red emerald" or "yellow ruby." Some gemstone varieties are simply defined by their distinctive color.

Having said that, clearly the customer is in search of something that someone told him is called green amethyst. What is it? Where does it come from? Does it have anything to do with amethyst?

What the customer is looking for is something known by gemologists as prasiolite. The name comes from the Greek for "leek-green." Prasiolite is a golden green quartz, somewhat similar in color to peridot or gold-green beryl.
Color: Mint Green
Size: All shapes, sizes and cuts are available

RMC Gems Thai Co Ltd, from THAILAND
18K Sets with Amethyst | Model# EE/ER/EP00479

From a simple 9k - 22K gold ring adorned with diamonds to glittering gemstone necklaces, Element provides a wide array of products. Every piece is one-of-a-kind and is delicately crafted by our team of professionals with precision, who demand nothing but perfection. Our collections are often showcased internationally to the public at international exhibitions. If you have any enquiries and/or want to develop business opportunities, Please feel free to contact us via

Element Jewelry Group Limited, from HONG KONG

Please kindly contact us for more details & products Thank you

Hung Ngai Jewellery Fty Ltd, from HONG KONG