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Sapphires are one of the earth‘s most beautiful and treasured genuine gemstones. Our skilled technicians pay special attention to the exact symmetry of our selected sapphires, cutting and aligning the facets precisely to create superlative, intensely brilliant stones. The girdle consistency is optimized in both thickness and polishing, whilst the crown consistency is maximized in terms of height and pavilion depth. The results are naturally radiant and richly colored sapphires, with an absolute minimum of stone breakage. We see it as our responsibility to work towards a healthier environment, and endeavor to handle our natural resources with care. We therefore utilize the rough of our materials as efficiently and creatively as possible, resulting in a supreme collection of genuine sapphires in a wide range of attractive colors. Thanks to our precision cutting, color consistency, and selective color palette, the subtle shades of our sapphires fade delicately from one to the next.

Swarovski Gemstones, from HONG KONG

18K pink gold bangle with multi-coloured sapphires.

Thien Po International Ltd, from THAILAND

A gorgeous design from Graff enchants with the duet of sparkling stones. 18K yellow gold rises with fluid rhythm, it dual reach entwining with intimacy like dancers in a heated tango. The supple spine of each dancer is comprised of 1.50ct of diamonds trailing behind 2.00ct of sapphires nuzzling cheek to cheek. A compelling ring exuding class and allure.

Luxury Bazaar, from USA

Beautiful pair of sapphire pear shapes from Sri Lanka in Royal Blue color.

Caram e. K., from GERMANY
18K White Gold-Pendant | Model# MVP07987_MAP52353

Net weight 64.26 gram
TSAVORITE 100 pcs 0.87 cts
Treated Full Cut Blue Diamond 120 pcs of 2.20 cts
South sea Gray Pearl 1 pcs of 26.85 cts
Green Fancy Round Diamond 145 pcs of 1.42 cts
BLUE SAPPHIRE ROUN 170 pcs of 1.65 cts

Spreading its glamourous feathers, the majestic peacock is resting gracefully. Adorned with sapphires and green diamonds, this pendant radiates a subtle appeal: grace, peacefulness and confidence.

Aspire Designs Limited, from HONG KONG

Available in combination with beads of Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires and fine Semi-Precious Stones

Rawat Gems LLC, from USA
Earrings Coral Reef | Model# E0161-0/10

18 K gold, pink opal, sapphires

Mousson Atelier, from RUSSIAN FEDERATION
Brooch Crab | Model# Brs0247-0/4

18 K gold,diamonds,tourmalines, sapphires,ruby

Mousson Atelier, from RUSSIAN FEDERATION
Sri Lanka Sapphire Ring | Model# RJ9395SA

42.41 ct Cushion shape Ceylon Sapphire / No indications of heating with 2.65 ct blue sapphires and 3.01 ct white diamonds in 18K white gold.

Jacob's Jewelry Co Ltd, from THAILAND
Cushion Ceylon Sapphire | Model# SA-2004

10.82x10.54mm Cushion Ceylon Sapphire 5.92 carats, GRS Certificate (GRS Type "Royal Blue")

Intercolor USA, from USA
Sapphire | Model#

Sapphires is a natural gemstone which comes in diverse colors including blue, green, pink, purple, fancy, black, white. At SS Gems, Sapphire is available in different sizes and cutting including princess, diamond and normal cut.

S.S. Gems Co, from HONG KONG
Titanium collection | Model# Titanium collection
Titanium and 18kt gold diamonds and blue sapphires

Giovanni Ferraris, from ITALY
UNIclasp | Model#

UNIclasp is a one touch push to close and push to release system which is definitely easy for daily wear! Available in 18K and 14K carat gold set with diamonds and gemstones including White & Champagne diamonds, Sapphires, rubies, topaz and Tsavorite. Design customizations available on request.

Goldenage International Limited, from HONG KONG
Earrings Mermaid | Model# E0163-0/2

18 K gold, sapphires

Mousson Atelier, from RUSSIAN FEDERATION

15.48x13.01mm Emerald Cut Ceylon Sapphire 19.94 carats, GRS Certificate

Intercolor USA, from USA
Aspire Designs Limited, from HONG KONG
Earrings Colibri | Model# E0075-0/1

18K gold, tsavorites, diamonds, sapphires

Mousson Atelier, from RUSSIAN FEDERATION
Ring Coral Reef | Model# R0161-0/11

18 K gold, pink opal, sapphires

Mousson Atelier, from RUSSIAN FEDERATION
Pendant Coral Reef | Model# P0161-0/4

18 K gold, pink opal, sapphires

Mousson Atelier, from RUSSIAN FEDERATION

15.96x15.52mm Unheated Cushion Yellow Sapphire 20.50 carats, GRS Certificate

Intercolor USA, from USA