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Natural Pink Diamond Ring

Arihant Star, from INDIA

1.06ct Natural Fancy Pink Purple, Square Shape VS1 GIA Certified.

Arihant Star, from INDIA

Natural Fancy Yellow-Green 2ct Paer Shape VS2 clarity GIA certified and Fancy Brown Pink Diamond Pendant.

Arihant Star, from INDIA

A breathtaking pair of 1.04Ct TW Fancy Yellow Diamond Marquise, 0.61Ct TW Faint Pink Diamond Marquise and 0.52Ct Fancy Bluish Green Diamond Oval Pave Drop Earrings. Set in 18K gold the center diamonds are complimented with 0.63Ct TW collection color white round brilliants. All center diamonds are GIA certified
Certified by GIA
Color: Fancy Yellow Marquise, Faint Pink Diamond Marquise, and Fancy Bluish Green Diamond Oval
Size: 1.04ct

Leibish & Co, from ISRAEL
Natural Pink Diamond Ring | Model# ArihantStar16

Natural Fancy Orangy Pink, VS1 Clarity , Square Radiant Cut, GIA Certified.

Arihant Star, from INDIA

Fancy Pink Diamond cts: 5.59p>

Neli Gems Corp, from USA

This book is the first published work to illustrate the commercial aspects of these magnificent gems without compromising the interests of any party throughout the supply chain. “The Layer System” presented in this book is a unique approach to illustrate the many impactful commercial characteristics absent from the GIA gemological report. Each attribute is represented as a “layer”, each layer is a chapter in the book and each chapter is accompanied by magnificent images and sketches that visually articulate the text.

The Fancy Color Research Foundation Ltd, from ISRAEL


Diamond Rays HK Ltd, from HONG KONG

A one of a kind fancy color diamond. 2.31 Carat natural fancy intense pink radiant cut diamond with excellent polish and eye clean VS2 clarity. This wonderful diamond is Certified by GIA,

Red Diam Ltd, from ISRAEL

fancy orangy pink diamond 3.05ct、 fancy light yellow green diamond 2.20ct、white diamond 6.16 ct、rose cut diamond 0.36 ct 、18K

Jurassic Jewelry Co Ltd, from TAIWAN

Fancy Intense Pink Diamond along with GIA Report. 2.75ct VS1.

Arihant Star, from INDIA
18K Pink Diamond Ring | Model# DR10410

The center with Natural Fancy Pink Diamond

Triluck (HK) Limited, from HONG KONG
Pink Diamond | Model# FLP103
1.03 Carat F Light Pink with GIA
Veedheer Diam, from HONG KONG
The Fancy Color Diamond Index is a first-of-its-kind tracker of changes in the market prices (per carat) of yellow, pink and blue fancy color diamonds, the three most commonly traded FCD categories. It is a composite representation of changes in price points gathered since 2005, based on a statistically significant sample size (tens of thousands of diamonds). The index offers insight into variations in the appreciation of diamonds of different colors and sizes.
The Fancy Color Research Foundation Ltd, from ISRAEL
Evaluates the rarity of any pink, blue or yellow fancy color diamond above 1 carat.
The Fancy Color Research Foundation Ltd, from ISRAEL
Rachminov Diamonds 1891, Asia Ltd, from HONG KONG

Oval Shape below 1 carat Natural Pink Diamond set in Gold & Pink Melle Ring

Rio Diamond MFG Corp, from USA

Radiant Shape above 1 carat Natural Pink Diamond set in White Gold & White Melle Ring

Rio Diamond MFG Corp, from USA

Pear Shape above 4 carat Natural Pink Diamond

Rio Diamond MFG Corp, from USA
Diamonds Manufacturers | Model# s 8925
We are manufacturers of Single Cut Diamonds, light brown diamonds, ttlb diamond, tt lc diamond, dark brown diamond, Natts diamond, Lc diamond, black diamond, blue diamond, pink diamond, fancy colour diamonds GIA Diamonds etc
Color: G,H
Size: 000-00, 00-0, 0-2, 2-6, 6-8
Inspection: single cut diamonds 8/8 cut
Payment: TT
MOQ: 50 carat
Delivery Time: SAME DAY
Market: europe, usa, china, hongkong
V. D. Gems Limited, from HONG KONG