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A stunning and beautiful, royal blue large cushion-shape kashmir sapphire set in a diamond brooch.

Jardin Jewels / Beacab Gems Inc, from USA
An exceptional, natural no-heat square cushion shape kashmir sapphire ring. The stone accompanies a gemological certificate from AGL, SSEF, and Gubelin as well as an appendix from SSEF and a JewelFolio Book from AGL.
Jardin Jewels / Beacab Gems Inc, from USA
Platinum Kashmir sapphire and pear shape diamond ring
Windsor Jewelers Inc, from USA

2ct Kashmir Sapphire - Perfect color - cutting - symmetry - clarity - faceting

Gad Enterprises, from USA
Beautiful hand made natural Kashmir Sapphire ring
Neli Gems Corp, from USA
This one is Ceylon Blue Sapphire no Heat. We also have sapphires in Yellow, Light blue, Dark Blue, Pink colors.... We can also provide Kashmir sapphires..
Color: Blue
Size: 19.95 cts, 5 to 25 cts....
Inspection: We can provide any certificate according to the customers
Payment: cash
MOQ: depends on quantity..
Delivery Time: 5-7 Days
Market: Hongkong, USA, Japan, Dubai, China.....
Noor Gems Co Ltd, from THAILAND
The 9 pieces of blue cashmere sapphires are of different sizes and cuttings. The shapes include cushion, round.

-Extremely rare
Horovitz & Totah SA, from SWITZERLAND
3.39 Kashmir Sapphire
2 Cushion Diamonds 1.01 F/VS2, 1.02 E/VS1
Color: Sapphire
Size: 3.39
Mcteigue Since 1895, from USA
This is truly a one of a kind sapphire. Weighing 10ct this magnificent Kashmir Sapphire Briolette is the rarest of its kind, and probably the only one in the world of such a large size. Graded by SSEF and GRS.
Color: Blue
Size: 10ct
Gem Diamond Corp, from HONG KONG
Noor Gems Japan Ltd, from JAPAN
Kashmir Sapphire (8.76cts) & Diamond Platinum Earrings
Mya Nassi, Inc, from USA
Supernatural 7.60cts Emerald Cut Kashmir Sapphire & Diamond (2.05cts) Ring With Gubelin & AGL Certificate JE-547
Mya Nassi, Inc, from USA