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Pendant | Model#

Jadeite Pendant 

Ho Fook Jade Limited, from HONG KONG

In the picture is a classic bracelet ,it features 138 natural white jadeites cabochon of highly translucent bright icy color, embellished with 44 Ruby together weighing approximately 4.26ct,and 575 round diamonds together weighing approximately 4.7ct, mounted in 98.78g of 18 karat white gold.

Ammie Kang, from TAIWAN

Inspired by the Paris Tuileries Garden (Jardin des Tuileries) in the Spring, to create a lifeful necklace with iced jadeite, tsavorite and diamond.

Lin Yung Jung, from TAIWAN

Yellow Jadeite、 Black diamond 、Sapphire

Carolyn Lo, from TAIWAN

JD-4.12ct D-0.48ct BS-0.32ct

Vert Oro, from JAPAN

* South Sea Pearl 2pcs * Black Jadeite 2pcs * Tsavorite 18pcs 3.25ct * Color Sapphire 8pcs 0.74ct * Diamond 96pcs 0.46ct W: 8.21g

Liangher Jewellery Co Ltd, from TAIWAN
Natural Jadeite Necklace | Model# JN 29421

- Jadeite is originated from Burma with grade A quality - 1 red jadeite carved approximately 49x28.2x15.1mm

United Jewelry Company, from HONG KONG
Lumiere | Model# 3768

Price: 800,000JPY Size: (Top)22.0×22.2×6.5mm Chain: K18PG (44~49cm)
Material: K18 pink(rose) gold, Myanmar Jadeite ("A" grade), Diamond
It is a beautiful flower pendant which is made of a lemon yellow jadeite and fine Ice jadeites and 18-karat pink(rose) gold.
It has high degree of translucency, glassy texture, without spotting or veins.
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Joytec Co Ltd, from JAPAN

Nice and unique Natural Jadeite in 18 Carat Gold Necklace.

Wing Yen Wah Jewellery Company Limited, from HONG KONG
Jadeite Pendant | Model# 173-01

925 silver, natural jadeite

Yi Fei Jewellery Co Ltd, from CHINA

SPEC: Jadeite 17pcs; Diamond 4.67cts.; Sapphire 2.51cts.; Swiss Quartz; 750 Gold

Doris Jade & Jewellery Limited, from HONG KONG

Jade necklace with 31 jadeite beads

Queensway City Limited, from HONG KONG

- Jadeite is originated from Burma with grade A quality - 1 lavender jadeite cabochon approximately 18.4x14.4x9.5mm - 51 pieces of diamonds 0.311ct

United Jewelry Company, from HONG KONG

- Jadeite is originated from Burma with grade A quality - 133 lavender jadeites bead approximately 3.9-8mm - 16 pieces of bead ruby 1.650ct

United Jewelry Company, from HONG KONG
Chia Ta Jewellery Co Ltd, from HONG KONG

◆商品名稱:131990Natural Ice Jadeite Diamond Ring
◆商品材質: 18K gold

Liangher Jewellery Co Ltd, from TAIWAN


Liangher Jewellery Co Ltd, from TAIWAN
Jadeite diamond ring | Model# Jadeite diamond ring
Natural high quality jadeite in 18k white gold and diamond
Anita So, from HONG KONG
GEM-3000 Jewellery Analyzer GEM-3000 jewellery analyzer is an instrument used to measure properties of light reflection of jewellery spectrum, typically used in spectroscopic analysis to identidy jewellery. It operates over a wide range of wavelengths, from near ultraviolet into near infrared which can detect hundreds of jewellery spectrum in 1 second. For diamond detection, it can scan loose diamond from 1 point and diamond studded jewellery. Mainly Detection Gemstones: Diamond (Contains I a-type, II a-type, CVD, HPHT, and other types of radiation processing), Golden pearl, Black pearl, Coral, Sapphire, Ruby, Turquoise, Jadeite, Emerald, Topaz etc. Adavantages: 1.Reliable repetition on the same sample at any time 2.High speed, millisecond 3.Simple operation without any adjustment 4.Using integrating sphere&Fiber probe sensor Loose diamond (from 1 point), diamond studded jewellery measurement For efficiency, the software will judge the diamond scanning result automatically with “PASS/NG” and sound notification.
Guangzhou Biaoqi Electronics Technology Co Ltd, from CHINA
Materials: icy jadeites, sapphires, tsavorites and diamonds
Ammie Kang, from TAIWAN