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Smart Jewellery Tray | Model# mTray
Specifically designed for jewelers and watchmakers, the patented mTray intelligently monitors the status of your stock. The colour touch screen enables product information display. Smartphones can connect with the mTray seamlessly via NFC for information transfer. The mTray detects VIP customers nearby and facilitates sales staff to welcome them with first class treatment. The elegantly designed portable tray enables stylish, secure product displays in retail showrooms, trade shows and other events. Features - UHF RFID sensor - NFC sensor - Fingerprint sensor - Security alert - Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity - Lightweight and portable, with rechargeable battery
Megasoft Ltd, from HONG KONG
From the economical to the luxurious, from the standard to the customised, for storage or for presentation – our assortment is just what you need
Dahlinger, Ch. GmbH + Co KG, from GERMANY
Michel D'Or Ltd, from HONG KONG
The self locking display boxes: Slim, comfortable and bountiful display boxes for gems and diamonds, may sizes and colors in stock
Michel D'Or Ltd, from HONG KONG