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Graphite crucibles for vacuum casting | Model# Graphite crucibles for vacuum casting

Crucibles and consumable parts for vacuum casting machines of any machine brand

Graphite Hi Tech Srl, from ITALY

Inside, Outside Ring and Surface

Chan Kwong Kee (HK) Company Limited, from HONG KONG

Drobenç Machine ( Drobenç Makinası )
Size: 4,5 ve 5,5 mt

Versatility of modulating power and speed in a nicer looking cabinet and improved reliability with added features: color touch-screen display for an easier access to working parameter and better machine-to-operator interfacing/messaging fully displaying basic working parameters power, time, frequency of repetition, spot size; and by the joystick inside the welding chamber memory cells to record permanent working settings for later use preset pulse-shaping programs for LASER-welding alloys with special metallurgic characteristics halogen light adjustable by dimmer argon-gas supplied coaxially to the LASER-beam over targeted object large integrated sealed circuit for cooling the flash-lamp specifically devised for longer LASER-welding sessions by experience, the flash-lamp will last for at least 5 million pulses thanks to its reduced size and weight, this unit is easy transportable Applications: Weld precious metals easily, including platinum, titanium, gold, silver & palladium Repair perfect antique jewelry Repair the frames without having to remove the stones Repair watches & other components, even the glasses Weld filler materials using the elements & lets you clear , crisp & with no need to clean up Repair fusion defects such as porosity or fractures, only in those areas of the welding filler
Aczet Pvt Ltd, from INDIA
Computer-controlled desktop engraving machine from the Magic series for flat an ring engraver stand out by their compact size, elegant design and virtually silent operation. Their diamond peaks allow the engraving of various metals such as gold, silver, copper, stainless steel and many more. The included software ensures easy use. All fonts available on your computer may be imported. A laser pointer reliably marks the area to be engraved. Individualized engravings such as scanned signatures, finger prints, logos and images may be processed fast and effortless.
Beco Technic GmbH, from GERMANY

GEMScribe is a reliable automatic inscription system for diamonds and gemstones. This system allows you to inscribe on girdles of loose stones and embedded ones (where the girdle is in plain sight). Inscriptions can be done for any conceivable purpose, from branded inscriptions to personal dedications. GEMScribe is especially useful for laboratories and jewelry dealers that wish to upgrade their certificates of authenticity. Customers around the world already enjoy the benefits of the GemScribe system and use each machine to inscribe an average of about 50,000 stones per year.

OGI Systems Ltd, from ISRAEL
Gold Testing Machine | Model# CUBE Series
Cube Series is table top spectrometer tool based on xray technology for measuring fast, non destructive yet accurately for precious metal and finished jewellery. The tool measure precisely and accurately element composition of jewellery alloy like gold alloy, Platinum alloy and silver alloy. Detection of fluorescence radiation by prop counter (or SI PIN) offers large sensitive area, which in turn capture large amount of fluorescence which is vital for accurate analysis of the metal. Equipped with modern, user friendly software and exact evaluation algorithm made it's operation very simple and user friendly which in turn reduce requirement of technically qualified person to operate it. Based on field experience of more than 2 decade on x Ray technology of our German principal with more than 2500 satisfied installation, made Aczet preferred manufacture being technology partner and exclusive producer for this equipment specialized to jewellery segment.These models are Fast, Accurate & Non-destructive Fast Ultra fast detection system for quick results Accurate These XRF instruments perform material analysis & coating thickness measurement using x-ray radiation technology with modern user- friendly software which ensure accurate measurement Non Destructive Simply position the piece of interest with the aid of a video microscope and start the measurement. The analysis is performed without any contact and destruction to the metal in about 2to3 minutes. The result is given in weight % or Karat and might be printed as a certificate. Easy to Use Highly accurate, easy-touse system will save your time and money. During the design and production process already a number of exclusive features have been incorporated into the instrument to ensure reliability, stability and high accuracy to ensure a low cost of ownership. Video Microscope Simply position of sample with the aid of a video microscope makes it easy to target analysis point. % & Karat The results is given in weight % & Karat and could be printed as a certificate.
Aczet Pvt Ltd, from INDIA
Laser Marking / Engraving Machine | Model# CFM20E / CFM20P
The open designed for easy access to the working area and movement of marking objects. Sturdy & rugged designed M.S. structure for years of operation. Auto head adjustment for positioning samples. Standard Joystick for easy operation. The Open LASER Marker is also equipped with optional rotary axis device which facilitates LASER Markings on curved surfaces such as the inner or the outer face of rings, bangles and bracelets. The "OPEN" Laser Marker is able to meet the highest standards of quality set by the most renowned producers of highend jewellery. It is perfect for engraving all types of precious and semi-precious metals, steel, titanium and many other materials, metallic and non.
Aczet Pvt Ltd, from INDIA
Matteo Gold Srl, from ITALY
Second Hand Centrifugal Dryer
Matteo Gold Srl, from ITALY
Second Hand Box Chain Making Machine
Matteo Gold Srl, from ITALY
Second Hand 15TO Hammering Machine
Matteo Gold Srl, from ITALY
Second Hand Belt Furnace
Matteo Gold Srl, from ITALY
Second Hand Box Chain Making Machine
Matteo Gold Srl, from ITALY
Second Hand Hydraulic Presses
Matteo Gold Srl, from ITALY
Second Hand Rolling Mill for Plate and Wire
Matteo Gold Srl, from ITALY
Second Hand Curb, Cable, Singapor, Rhombus, Love Chain Making Machine
Matteo Gold Srl, from ITALY
Tube making machine | Model# P 320
Machine suitable for the continuous production of gold/silver “aggraffato wire” of 5 mm diameter. The use of the machine is very simple: the plate strip is fed inside the machine and as it passes through the rollers, it is wrapped around an iron/tombak or copper core. This new machine allows also the automatic core rolling operation of round wire, passing through one special rolling station placed in front of machine. Through one set of rollers the round wire is shaped and then automatically inserted into the rollers of mc for wrapping operation. Right after wrapping operation the profile pass through a special “Turkish head station” to be compacted and drawn into square shape, for following production process. This machine is also equipped with shearing unit for plate, special holder group for bobbin, coiling spool and holder for aggraffato profile and inverter to adjust the work speed.
Lorenzato Srl, from ITALY
Zebra ZD500R RFID Printer | Model# Zebra RFID Jewellery Label Printer
• Supports tags compatible with UHF EPC Gen 2 V1.2/ ISO 18000-6C • Prints and encodes tags with a minimum pitch of 0.6”/ 16mm • Adaptive Encoding Technology simplifies RFID setup and eliminates complex RFID placement guidelines • RFID job monitoring tools track RFID performance • RFID ZPL® commands provide compatibility with existing Zebra RFID printers • Support for industry standard multi-vendor chip-based serialization (MCS) • Supports block permalocking of user memory compatible with ATA Spec 2000 • Integrated ThingMagic® RFID Reader/Encoder Printer Features • Thermal transfer or Direct Thermal print methods • ZPL programming language • Dual-wall frame construction • Tool-less printhead and platen replacement • OpenACCESS™ for easy media loading • Quick and easy ribbon loading • Simplified calibration of media • Quad connectivity: USB, Parallel, Serial, and Ethernet • Real time clock • LCD User Interface • Energy Star® qualified • Link-OS-enabled • Print Touch app • 3” Media core adapter Printer Specifications Resolution • 203dpi/ 8 dots per mm • 300dpi/ 12 dots per mm (optional) Memory • 128MB Std SDRAM memory (4MB available to user) • 256MB Std Flash memory (56MB available to user) Maximum Print Width 4.09”/ 104mm Maximum Print Length 39”/ 990mm Maximum Print Speed • 6”/ 152mm per second (203dpi) • 4”/ 102mm per second (300dpi) Media Sensors Multi-position gap and moveable black-line media sensor
Gold Label Technology Ltd, from HONG KONG