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FireTrace fancy is a unique technology for analysis and evaluation of a fancy diamond's light reflection. In a matter of seconds, the system illustrates a graphic image of the upper and lower sections of the diamond as well as the amount of light reflection projected from the geometrical shape of the diamond. The reports regarding light performance of the diamond produced by the Firetrace software are based on three factors: Brightness, Fire and Scintillation.

OGI Systems Ltd, from ISRAEL
DiamondView | Model# .

The DiamondView is designed to examine any diamonds that have been 'referred' by DiamondSure. The instrument looks at the surface fluorescence by illuminating the diamond with short-wave ultra-violet light. An image of this fluorescence is then viewed on computer and a decision can then be made on whether the diamond is natural or synthetic. The colour of the fluorescence, the fluorescence pattern and the absence or presence of phosphorescence will differ depending on the diamond's natural or synthetic origin. Loose polished diamonds can be viewed using the integrated vacuum holder although it is also possible to look at some mounted goods by changing the holder assembly.

IIDGR (UK) Ltd, from UK
DiamondPlus | Model# .

The DiamondPLus is a compact screening device intended for use in all locations where polished diamonds are handled. Its primary purpose is to screen for type II high-pressure-high-temperature (HPHT) treated natural diamonds. It can also separate out some synthetic categories and will refer all irradiated diamonds. With the sample immersed in liquid-nitrogen, the instrument makes a laser-excited photoluminescence measurement. It is therefore is only suitable for testing loose diamonds between 0.05 and 10 carats. Within 15 seconds, DiamondPLus returns an automated 'PASS' or 'REFER' result. Please note, diamonds that are referred by the instrument should not be classified as HPHT treated or synthetic without additional testing. In addition to referring all HPHT treated type-II diamonds, the instrument will also refer a percentage of untreated natural type-II diamonds. Testing on ALL referred diamonds should be carried out using more sensitive, laboratory-based, low-temperature photoluminescence equipment. From these measurements, a definitive decision can be made on the diamond's origin. The DiamondPLus performs best on high colour type-II diamonds and the referral rate may increase as the strength of the brown colour increases.

IIDGR (UK) Ltd, from UK
DiamondSure | Model# .

This compact screening device will determine natural diamonds from synthetics and simulants. Both loose and mounted polished goods in the 0.10 – 10cts size range can be tested. The instrument is intended for colourless or near-colourless goods, although it will distinguish yellow synthetics from natural cape yellow diamonds. Other fancy colours will give a high referral rate and are not recommended. Loose diamonds should be placed table down on the fibre optic probe and the test button pressed. Around 98% of colourless and near-colourless diamonds will ‘PASS’ and require no further examination. All synthetics, simulants and around 2% of natural diamonds (type II and IaB) will register as ‘REFER FOR FURTHER TESTS’. Further tests can be completed using our DiamondView. For mounted goods the sample dish can be removed to release the fibre optic probe. This can then be used in combination with the ‘auto-detect’ function to test individual diamonds within a jewellery setting.

IIDGR (UK) Ltd, from UK
Diamond CZ Master Set | Model# DM-CC1

The Best quality available for 10 Pcs. CZ Colour Comparison Set 1 ( D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L & M).

Sachi Gems & Tools Co Ltd, from THAILAND
Rubin & Son (HK) Limited, from HONG KONG
Rushit Enterprises, from INDIA
Apple Green Diamond Inc, from JAPAN
GK-300 (Basic model), GKS-300 (High precision model), GKS-3000 (High Capacity model) GK Series are the GOLD TESTER with the developed software which evaluates purity of Precious Metals. Can check purity to confirm if marked stamp on gold (platinum) is correct or not. Gold (platinum) which outside covered real gold (platinum), and inside with other metal can be detectd. Non-gold (platinum) metals can be distinguished. Can be measured scrap gold at a time and show average purity. Also function as a noral gram scale and Densimeter. Display Gold K9-K24 & % (GK-300: 99%, GKS Series: 99.9%) Display Platinum / Silver: 600 – 1000 & % (GKS Series)
Mingyu Jewelry Supplies Co, from HONG KONG
Gauge Series | Model# Gauge Series
Presidium Dial Gauge Presidium Electronic Gemstone Gauge Digital Thickness Gauge Thickness Gauge Thickness Gauge for Pearl
Mingyu Jewelry Supplies Co, from HONG KONG
H&A Viewer Series | Model# H&A Viewer Series 切工鏡系列
Happy Egg H&A Viewer Made in Japan (Pink, Blue & White Color) H&A Scope series
Mingyu Jewelry Supplies Co, from HONG KONG
Balance Series | Model# Balance Series 電子磅系列
Variety models of Mettler Balance, Sartorius Balance, Shinko Balance
Mingyu Jewelry Supplies Co, from HONG KONG
TANITA Scale, Mini Scale | Model# Tanita & Mini Scale Series
Tanita 1210N (20gm/100ct) Tanita 1230 (100x0.01ct) Tanita 1479J-IC (200x0.01gm) Tanita 1479V-IC (120x0.1gm) Tanita 1579 (120x0.01gm) Tanita KP-601 (100 gm /500 ct) Other Mini Scales Series
Mingyu Jewelry Supplies Co, from HONG KONG
Caliper | Model# Caliper 卡尺
Variety of Brass Caliper, Degree Caliper, Digital Caliper & Dial Caliper
Mingyu Jewelry Supplies Co, from HONG KONG
Tweezers for diamonds, type S with slide lock and cut. No irretating reflections while quality check due to black color coating. Serrated grips, long tips with groove, length: 160 mm, material: stainless steel.
Beco Technic GmbH, from GERMANY
We are full-line distributor of Sartorius high precision weighing technolgy and carry gold, carat and lab scales of Practum, Quintix, Entris, GCL and GL series.
Beco Technic GmbH, from GERMANY
Mettler carat scale | Model# 313027
The Mettler carat scale has an easy to read display and seven standard applications. Furthermore, the scale with a high-quality housing equipped with overload protection and protective case. Manual Adjustment with external weight, button for quick switching between the two preferred of 17 weighing units, mains operation, RS232 interface for connecting a second display, a printer or PC (without additional software), pan: Ø 90 mm, weight: 4.5 kg.
Beco Technic GmbH, from GERMANY
LED magnifier luminaire with PMMA lens in plastic housing. The light is continuously dimmable. Three spring balanced joints make the arm moveable.
Beco Technic GmbH, from GERMANY
Tweezers for pearls, type 201P with teflon tips for sensitive handling of precious pearls. Serrated grips, coated with teflon, with special shaped cup ends coated, length: 145 mm, material: carbon steel (ORD).
Beco Technic GmbH, from GERMANY
Precision linen tester made from metal, lens aplanatic, Ø 17.6 mm, 8x / 32 dpt, height 33 mm.
Beco Technic GmbH, from GERMANY