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Tanzanite | Model# TZRMC01

Tanzanite is the blue/violet variety of the mineral zoisite belonging to the epidote group. Note: custom made sizes, shapes and cuttings are available on request.

RMC Gems HK Co, from HONG KONG


H. K. Designs, from HONG KONG

Its blue in color first grade (very good ) quality .

Zambia Gemstone Integrated Trade Association, from ZAMBIA
Ruby | Model#

Ruby is a gemstone in the Corundum family. It exhibits a range of red colors, and the most desired color is pigeon’s blood (pure red with a hint of blue). On Mohs’ scale of hardness, ruby is 9. It has a strong luster like diamonds and sources include Burma (Myanmar), Thailand, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Kenya, Madagascar, and Vietnam.

RMC Gems HK Co, from HONG KONG
To be more shiny
Yuncheng Jewelry Factory Chang'an Town Dongguan City, from CHINA
EMERALD | Model#


IG Corporation HK Limited, from HONG KONG

South sea pearl golden; Gold south sea pearl

Heartford Jewellery Group (Belgium) Ltd, from HONG KONG

0.90CT GIA:5111430287

Belodiam Ltd, from HONG KONG
Chrysocolla | Model# L-B20-CY

Chrysocolla Round Beads 20mm/16"
Color: Blue
Size: 20MM

San Wai Gems & Jewellery Fty Co Ltd, from HONG KONG

16" 14-18mm multi natural color Nucleus Freshwater Pearl Freshwater Mixed with 16mm natural color South Sea Pearl temp. string.

Heng Mei Pearl Company Limited, from HONG KONG

Gold South Sea Pearl Necklace from Myanmar 16-18MM Flawless Natural Colour

Rio Pearl, from HONG KONG
Tanzanite | Model#

32,3 CT

Amodoria Gems Ltd, from HONG KONG

High grade Amethyst with good body colour.

Walster International Limited, from HONG KONG
Tanzanite | Model#

Trillion cut Tanzanite 27 CT

Amodoria Gems Ltd, from HONG KONG

Mosaic Created Opal W / 925 Silver Necklace & Beads

Walster International Limited, from HONG KONG

mediterranean coral strands

Carmela Liverino Coralli Srl, from ITALY
Emerald | Model# EM-3681

Emerald EC 3.39 ct. We will show our new production of Emeralds from Ethiopia. This new deposit was discovered a few months ago and we are able to show a new and interesting material.

ColEmerald Ltd, from HONG KONG

Heated, Unheated Sri Lanka and Madagascar Blue Sapphire

World Gemstone Co Ltd, from THAILAND

US$ 4,500/Ct

Dragon Color Diamonds (HK) Ltd, from HONG KONG
Gold Diamond Ring | Model# HR1118

14K Gold Diamond Rings
Color: White
Size: 6"
Payment: Cash
MOQ: 10
Delivery Time: 3 Weeks

H. H. Diamond Sales Limited, from HONG KONG