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EMERALD | Model#


IG Corporation HK Limited, from HONG KONG

hand carved pair of amethyste flowers

Herbert, Klein OHG, from GERMANY
Chrysocolla | Model# L-B20-CY

Chrysocolla Round Beads 20mm/16"
Color: Blue
Size: 20MM

San Wai Gems & Jewellery Fty Co Ltd, from HONG KONG
Tanzanite | Model#

32,3 CT

Amodoria Gems Ltd, from HONG KONG
Tanzanite | Model#

Tanzanite octagon

Arnoldi, Carl Friedrich GmbH, from GERMANY

High grade Amethyst with good body colour.

Walster International Limited, from HONG KONG
Emerald | Model# EM-3681

Emerald EC 3.39 ct. We will show our new production of Emeralds from Ethiopia. This new deposit was discovered a few months ago and we are able to show a new and interesting material.

ColEmerald Ltd, from HONG KONG

Heated, Unheated Sri Lanka and Madagascar Blue Sapphire

World Gemstone Co Ltd, from THAILAND
Earset Morganite | Model# Morganite Madagascar

Earset Morganite Madagascar, mixed shapes tot. 14,12 ct

Wild, Paul OHG, from GERMANY
Centrium Gemstones - 100 Plus Faceted Gemstones | Model# 100 Plus CNC Faceted Stones

CNC cut 100plus faceted Gemstones

Pinkcity Jewel House Pvt Ltd, from INDIA
Blue Topaz | Model#
Scenario Gems, from HONG KONG

3.31 carats GRS cert.

The Rare Gem LLC, from USA

This was discovered in the NW part of Madagascar and they figure it's about 100 million years old. The color of the ammolite (the fossilized, mineralized shell, now opalized) is mostly Crimson Red. No restoration at all. We just polished the crusty mud off and cut the foot flat to make it look nicer and now here it is. Excellent sutures visible on both sides as you can see (they are where we polished off the ammolite (mineralized original shell). Ammonites went extinct when the dinosaurs died out about 65 million years ago. A very fine example of an ancient ammonite. YES the very cool and unique Copper Ammonite stand comes with it.

Pointers Gemcraft & Jewellery Mfy, from HONG KONG
6.99ct Colombian Emerald | Model# Colombian Emerald

Vivid Green

Gad Enterprises, from USA

A beautiful brilliant cut Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink diamond certified by GIA

Venus, from INDIA

Available Stones: Onyx, Indonesian Lava, Sponge Coral, Mahogany Obsidian, Aventurine, etc. Product Types: Beads, Cabochons, Drilled Focal Beads. Shapes: Round, Oval, Barrel, etc. Sizes: 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, etc.

Shanghai Jade Gems Factory Limited, from HONG KONG

Glowing from the inside out, the Paraiba Tourmaline is not only rare, but comes in various colors including neon blue, neon blue-green, and more. Paraiba Tourmaline is considered to be one of two different birthstones that can be accepted for the month of October and because of this, it is also one of the gemstones for Libras and Scorpios. It does tend to vary in color, like most Tourmaline, but its brilliance and somewhat neon glow comes from that fact that it contains the element Copper.

RMC Gems Thai Co Ltd, from THAILAND

Trillion cut, 6mm Calibrated, .85ct

The Tsavorite Factory (USA) Inc. , from USA
Tourmaline red | Model# Tourmaline red

Tourmaline red, trillion, 9,69 ct, Brazil

Wild, Paul OHG, from GERMANY