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String of Keshi | Model# String of Keshi

Small and medium keshis

Les Merveilles du Pacifique, from FRANCE


Kishun Inc, from JAPAN

Source: French Polynesia Type: Tahitian Pearl Shape: Rounded Size: 12.5-13mm Colour: Green Hue Metal Fineness: 18K White Gold Diamonds: 10 diamonds weighted 0.48ct in total HEX: 3015 2A86 284E 2000 0000 0010H DEC: 489 1018 800005 – 16

Fukui Shell Nucleus Factory, from HONG KONG

* South Sea Pearl 2pcs * Black Jadeite 2pcs * Tsavorite 18pcs 3.25ct * Color Sapphire 8pcs 0.74ct * Diamond 96pcs 0.46ct W: 8.21g

Liangher Jewellery Co Ltd, from TAIWAN

White diamonds set on a weaving motion of intertwining with Australian South Sea white pearls in a rose gold design. A symbol of Jewel Tech high praised workmanship.

18K rose gold bangle.
Diamonds: 707 stones, 2.992 carats.
Pearls: 7 pcs, 49.006 carats.

Brand: Jewel Tech
Item name: Australian South Sea Pearl & Diamond Gold Bangle
Delivery Time: 4-8 weeks
Market: Global
Please contact us for more details.

Jewel Tech International Mfg Co Ltd, from THAILAND
Illusion Collection | Model# Dangling Earring

golden South Sea pearls set in 18kt Yellow Gold with Diamonds

Jewelmer Joaillerie, from PHILIPPINES

Unique silver brooch with goldplate elements and pearls

Adam Wyspianski, from POLAND
clasp plain or set with diamond | Model# gold clasp in different varieties

available plain or set with diamonds, more or less, different finishing of the surface; different sizes and different closing (magnetic in this case; interchangeable or standard with a tongue)

Koehle J GmbH & Co KG, from GERMANY
Bonsai Pearl Tree | Model# Bonsai Pearl Tree

18 K white gold carved pearl earrings accented with Diamonds.

Caroline C, from USA


Polaris Jewellery Manufacturer Limited, from HONG KONG

Jewellery set Model: B651 & N474,Pendent & Bracecuff. B651: size:60mm weight:56.4g

Special Concept, Inc, from USA
Pearl Collection | Model# PTSS-0670-x1

18K gold pendant with diamonds and gold color south sea pearl

Sunny Creations Ltd, from HONG KONG


Kammy Jewellery Co. Limited, from HONG KONG
Tahitian Pearl Earrings | Model# E4862T/18KW

Pearl Size: 9.5-10mm, Pearl Shape: Round, Pearl Type: Tahitian Pearl, Material: Diamond, White Gold

Gyso Pearls & Jewellery Limited, from HONG KONG
Earrings 2016 | Model# Earring with cultured pearl

phantasitc finishing through stamping. Quite competitive price

Koehle J GmbH & Co KG, from GERMANY

18K Yellow Gold
Golden Southsea Pearl
Diamond Ring
Color: yellow

Dewcarat Limited, from HONG KONG
Christmas Necklace - Gift | Model# N5192T/S
Pearl Size: 10-11mm Pearl Shape: Drop w/circle Length: 17"+1"ext Material: White Topaz, Silver Rhd.
Gyso Pearls & Jewellery Limited, from HONG KONG
Pearl Rings in White Gold and Yellow Gold | Model# R5268T/18KW, R5268T/18KY
Pearl Size: 10-11mm Pearl Shape: Round Material: White Gold or Yellow Gold
Gyso Pearls & Jewellery Limited, from HONG KONG
Quadruple Pearls Bangle | Model# B5325T/S
Pearl Type: Tahitian Pearl Pearl Size: 9-10mm Pearl Shape: Circle Material: Silver Rhd
Gyso Pearls & Jewellery Limited, from HONG KONG
Big behinds Pearl Earrings | Model# PS140190E-1

Front and back CZ set by hand setting (multiple sizes available) Freshwater Pearl (multiple sizes available) Sterling Silver

Wing Wo Hing Jewelry Group Limited, from HONG KONG