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ITALY - Torre Del Greco
Finished Products , Gemstone Jewellery
Established in the Gulf of Naples in Southern Italy, our almost forty-year family business deals with high-quality handcrafted coral, turquoise and shell cameos. Before establishing the firm, we were active in the coral fishing throughout the Mediterranean Sea. Tommaso, Principia, Giuseppe and Ciro, today’s hardworking family team, run the business with passion and commitment. Massa Gioconda's aim is to offer a high-quality product, starting from the selection of the raw materials till the finishing of our cutting and jewels. Our production includes:
•Red Mediterranean coral beads, in different sizes and shapes, and loose stones as well as carvings in classic and modern styles.
•Red, Salmon,Pink and White Pacific coral beads(different sizes and shapes) and loose stones
•Natural turquoise beads (in different sizes and shapes)and loose stones
•Shell cameos and lamps
•18ktGold jewelry with coral, turquoise and shell cameos in modern and classic design
•Objects Collection

Hong Kong - June Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair
We Exhibit at:
Hong Kong - June Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Hall 1ABC Concourse - 1M047
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