K. T. L. Jewellery Manufacturer Limited
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K. T. L. Jewellery Manufacturer Limited

HONG KONG - Hung Hom
Finished Products , Diamond Jewellery
Importer, Manufacturer
Reviewing our past 20 years, we have been serving sincerely the best for all jewellery lovers in the world. Committing to the affirmation and satisfaction of our clients, we strive in producing diversified but creative jewellery pieces.

We are one of the leading integrated fine jewellery providers with original and innovative product development, savvy and professional sales & marketing, and manufacturing excellence in serving jewellery wholesalers and retailers globally. We are one of the few fine jewellery providers in Hong Kong having the capability of transforming from traditional ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) to contemporary OSM (Original Strategy Management), and are the forerunner in providing value-added marketing services to clients such as imaging, branding, promotion and logistics services. Combining creativity and craftsmanship, KTL upholds its corporate mission of creating glamorous jewellery at the best value to shine the world.
We adopted the Greek Mythology Muses who inspired the creation of literature and arts as the foundation of our new image and granted a thinking motion, which reflects KTL’s creativity, passion for innovation and ever think to strive for excellence.
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