J. R. Diamond International Limited
J. R. Diamond International Limited

J. R. Diamond International Limited

Finished Products , Diamond Jewellery
J. R. Diamond Intl is the patent holder of Queen's Heart Queen's cut diamonds. It is known all over the world for its exemplary innovative designs and maybe the first company to issue a tailor-made certificate for the jewellery issued by I.G.I.
About us – The Queen’s Heart™ story
Never settle for anything less than perfect, Queen’s Heart™ Jewelry Company stuns the world with its spectacular Queen’s Heart™ diamond jewelry. The Queen’s Heart™ jewelry collection is all branded with the supporting marketing material and product design needed. The Queen’s Heart™ collection has full range of: Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Bracelets, Broaches and Necklaces to create full selection, different sizes and repeat order by our clients.
The Company is the inventor, designer, manufacturer and patent holder of the famous Queen’s cut™ Diamonds and Queen’s Heart™ Jewelry. Both Queen’s Heart™ and Queen’s Cut™ are registered patents and being distributed worldwide under international patent protection. Our Flagship design, the Queen’s Heart™, is formed by two Queen’s Cut™ diamonds and one princess cut diamond.
All diamonds used in Queen’s Heart™ jewelry are of the highest quality: collection color, (D-G color) and clarity (VVS-VS clarity). The Queen’s Heart™ jewelry items are available with official I.G.I certificate to clearly show the diamond quality. Queen’s Heart™ jewelry collection is distributed through top jewelry stores around the world.

Company profile
The company was established in Hong Kong at 1998 with the mission to create high end unique jewelry for world wide markets.  The first novelty design was the Queen’s Cut™ diamond and Queen’s Heart™ jewelry collection. The company gained high reputation and recognition throughout the years and is positioned as one of the top jewelers in Asia. Relaying on its original Queen’s Heart™ brand reputation other jewelry collections were created to fit all high end client’s needs:
  • Queen’s Heart Collection
    Flower collection
    One of a Kind Collection
    Royal Collection

    One of a Kind collection

To complete our jewelry line we created the One-Of-A-Kind jewelry collection. Each piece in this line is trendy, yet bold, and has been created around a unique, high quality precious stone; a Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald designed and set into an 18K gold fine setting. The design of each jewel is carefully crafted to follow the unique features of the center stone. The surrounding diamonds are one-by-one selected to match our high quality standards. Every piece is designed and hand crafted over a period if weeks. In the One-Of-A-Kind collection, unique jewels are used to create beautiful necklaces, earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets. The company is committed to create an attractive, fine-made and distinctive jewelry collection, so when wearing the unique One-Of-A-Kind jewelry collection, you will be noticed for your exquisite, luxurious, fine taste. The establishment of top quality jewels, importance of originality and value of the pieces, are what make this collection so special. 
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