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Let’s face it, jewellery is a dangerous business. There are people that want to take everything you’ve worked hard to create and are willing to harm you or your employees to get your goods. Most jewellers are aware of the dangers and take steps to prevent a problem. Organizations like the Jewelers Security Alliance (JSA) regularly publish advice on loss prevention and how to respond in the event of a robbery. Here are three ideas you may not have thought of but are quite effective.


Clean your keypads

Every day we punch our security code onto an alarm keypad. The chance of a thief getting the four numbers correct with random key presses is pretty slim. But what if they could figure out which four numbers are being used and all they need to do is guess the proper order? By the end of the day our fingers are imbedded with rouge, polishing compounds, and other messy substances necessary to the trade. After a while the numbers we use on the security keypad are covered in smudges. Be sure to clean the keypad weekly and more often if you spend most of your time at the bench. Why make it easy for them?


Use a fake video recorder

Even though there are new advances in surveillance technology allowing video storage off-site or in the cloud, many jewellers are still using old-fashioned VCRs. If your video storage is on site, hide the real device in a closet or even in your ceiling panels. Get a second VCR, plug it in and run video cables into the ceiling or wall and leave it in plain sight. Label it with big letters: “VIDEO SECURITY” and label the tape: “MASTER SECURITY RECORDING.” A night time burglar will think he is smart when he takes the tape or even the entire unit with him to prevent you from accessing the video. Imagine his surprise when he plugs it in only to find children’s cartoons instead of a record of his activities.


Establish a security alert network

Meet with other jewellers in your area to set up an alert network. This is one time when even the fiercest competitors need to cooperate for everyone’s safety and security. Each jeweller should have the phone numbers of three other jewellers ready for quick calling in the event of an incident. If you are held up, have a shoplifter, or think you are being cased for a future robbery; call your three alert contacts immediately after calling the police. Each jeweller you call needs to call his three contacts who call their contacts and so on down the line. Within moments you can spread a security net to cover dozens of other jewellers so that everyone is aware of the problem and can take action to prevent another incident or assist in the apprehension of the bad guys. With smart phones you can even send photos or video clips to help others identify the crooks.

In the retail jewellery business it is often said that it is not a matter of IF something will happen, it is a matter of WHEN. Be prepared down to the smallest detail and don’t make it easy for the crooks to get away with robbing you or another jeweller.



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The flagship publication of UBM Asia’s jewellery group, JNA has been delivering gemstone and jewellery reports with an Asian perspective for more than three decades. 

In addition to producing a monthly publication, JNA publishes Show Dailies that deliver the latest news – from industry trends to product announcements – straight from the show floor. 


To further maximise the networking opportunities of buyers and suppliers, JNA is publishing the Show Daily in print and digital formats, targeting an audience of more than 70,000 active players in the gemstone and jewellery industry. 

For more information, please visit It will go live on 2 March 2015.

Show Daily March 2015 – Print edition distribution points:
1.  Entrances and exits near the exhibition halls
2.  Asia’s Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Fair 2015 – March
•   Booth of UBM Jewellery Group, 1/F Central Concourse, AsiaWorld-Expo
3.  HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show
•    Hall 5D-C02, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
4.  Pacific Coffee Company
•    Great Eagle Centre, Wanchai
•    Fortis Bank Tower, Wanchai
•    AsiaWorld-Expo
5.    Regal Airport Hotel
•    Restaurants:
o    Dragon Inn
o    Rouge
o    Regala Cafe & Dessert Bar
o    Airport Izakaya
o    The China Coast Bar + Grill
o    Cafe Aficionado
•    Others:
o    Concierge Desk & Meeting rooms
o    Executive Club Lounge 
o    Business Centre
6.    Renaissance Harbour View Hotel
•    The Lounge 
•    Cafe Renaissance
7.    SkyCity Marriot Hotel
•    Restaurants:
o    The Lounge
o    SkyCity Bistro 
•    Others:
o    Business Centre
o    Executive Lounge

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Swarovski and Scarlett Johansson fooled me.


Scarlett Johansson in a Swarovski necklace and Piaget high jewellery Mediterranean Garden ear cuff set

Scarlett Johansson in a Swarovski necklace
and Piaget high jewellery Mediterranean Garden ear cuff set


The actress appeared on the red carpet in a green gown that fit her perfectly. Above the gown was a green necklace that ran from the top of her neck down to her chest layered in intricate rows. I said it was emerald but soon learned that it was Swarovski.

So one of the biggest jewellery statements of the evening on one of the most famous and beautiful stars Hollywood has to offer wasn’t precious. It was still stunning and Oscar red carpet worthy.

Johansson did match the necklace with the Piaget high jewellery Mediterranean Garden ear cuff set in 18k pink gold with five pear-shaped emeralds, 278 brilliant-cut diamonds, four pear-shaped aquamarines and two pear-shaped green tourmalines. It was a stunner once you got past the dress and necklace.

The remaining big statement necklaces that dominated the Oscars red carpet Sunday were all precious.

In another unusual twist Lupita Nyong'o may have out-done everybody on the red carpet with a white Calvin Klein gown adorned with approximately 6,000 white pearls, reportedly a mix of fake and real, that appeared to be part of the fabric of the dress.

The biggest statement of the night was made by actress Margot Robbie who wore a Van Cleef & Arpels “Zip Antique Colombine” emerald necklace featuring diamonds and sapphires set in 18k yellow gold. It is a contemporary creation using the same techniques and similar design to the original that was created for the Duchess of Windsor in 1951. The piece is set with more than 150 diamonds and more than 300 sapphires. And the zipper is fully functional.

Anna Kendrick wore a diamond collar of five rows matched with marquis and pear-shaped diamond cluster earrings totalling 13 carats by diamond jewellery designer Norman Silverman. The necklace was tucked into the neckline of her gown.

As expected, most of the stars were risk averse but those who did take risks did so with style.

Gwyneth Paltrow wore Anna Hu Haute Joaillerie, a contemporary jewellery designer who creates one-of-a-kind statement pieces. Abeles said that these are the kind of modern pieces that are collectable.

Laura Dern wore a large Bulgari pendant necklace. She matched it with a ring created by Bulgari specifically for Dern in honour of the real-character she played in the movie, Wild. The turquoise-coloured ring (gem unknown) is the colour of the American Lung Association’s “Lung Force” initiative. Dern played Bobbi Lambrecht, who died of lung cancer and the ring was a way to raise awareness of the disease.

Speaking of turquoise, Cate Blanchett’s unusual choice of wearing a turquoise bib necklace by Tiffany & Co. was a bold move by the actress and the luxury jeweller.


Dakota Johnson with 100 carats of Forevermark Diamonds valued at $2.2 million

Dakota Johnson with 100 carats of Forevermark Diamonds valued at $2.2 million


Of course there were diamonds. Forevermark adorned young actress Dakota Johnson with 100 carats of Forevermark Diamonds valued at $2.2 million.

Nicole Kidman wore more than $7 million worth of Harry Winston Diamonds, including 7-carat emerald-cut diamond ear studs, an 82-carat Caftan diamond bracelet, a 16.5-carat emerald-cut diamond solitaire ring and a 5.3-carat bezel-set diamond band ring.



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Indian jewellers have been complaining since long about the so called ‘harassment’ by the government officials in absence of an authentic identification with them while carrying jewellery pieces from one place to the other. Jewellers face various problems especially when gems, jewellery and precious metals are in transit due to identity problems during government checks at transit points, public places, road blocks, tariff barriers by Statutory Authorities, Officials. Jewellers find that their representatives are being detained by the authorities either at airport, railways, bus stations etc.

Sometimes, even when the carrier proves his bonafide identity, the officials insist on opening the bags where these precious materials are kept in public domain and places thereby affecting significant risk to the material and the person carrying the goods. Even when the person who is carrying such goods produces all the related documents, records, etc. the authorities insist on detaining the person for want of proper identity proof and thereby causing uncountable hardship to the person.


GJF has introduced smart identity card for members

GJF has introduced smart identity card for members


To neutralize this problem once for all, the All India Gems and Jewellery Trade Federation (GJF), the country’s apex and the largest single trade body for the promotion and growth of trade in gems and jewellery across India, has recently introduced a first-of-its-kind Jewellers Identity Card (JID), a distinctive and smart identity card establishing the authenticity and legitimate business undertaking of its member jewellers and their employees. India’s Union Minister of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Mr. Kalraj Mishra recently unveiled the same on February 21, 2015 during GJF’s annual event of National Jewellery Awards 2015 in Mumbai.

JID is a matchless identification credential for an individual working in the domestic gems and jewellery sector allowing him the free movement of gems and jewellery pieces within and outside the city, state or inside the country. GJF’s Founder, Life Members and 5-year members and they can nominate, recommend their employees and personnel. Individuals who meet JID eligibility requirements would be allotted a tamper-resist credential with hologram, so that no counterfeiting would be possible easily. The JID will display employee’s professional details to allow for a positive link between the card and the individual and privacy of data would be taken care of.

Chairman, GJF, Mr. Haresh Soni says,

“The prime purpose of JID is to provide comfort to all constituents of the national gems & jewellery trade especially to small jewellers to avoid various problems faced by them in establishing their credentials to Government authorities. JID is an ultimate solution to the problems faced by the jewellery carriers in respect to establishing their bonafide identity and association with the gems & jewellery industry and the GJF. JID will also prove useful for identification of the persons internally i.e. within the trade whenever persons travel to another entities for delivering or collecting the goods. The entire programme of JID is credible because it has got the support of the Union Government.”

Director of GJF Mr. G. V. Sreedhar says,

“The JID initiative launched by GJF has been recognized, supported and endorsed by India’s MSME Ministry. JID provides various value additions like access to a 24 hour dedicated helpline in case of emergencies. GJF has tied with Assist America (AA) to provide prime identity of JID holder and offer emergency medical assistance and transportation under medical supervision, etc. JID would also provide additional value additions in terms of access to hospitals, hotels, restaurants and other utility service places.”

The JID card would be used as a proof for identity only, of his association with his industry. Thus, the card holder does not justify the validity of the goods being carried by such person, and such person is also expected to carry all the required documents and proofs necessary for the authentication of the source and destination of goods carried by him.

The GJF has mooted the concept of JID especially for the Gems & Jewellery industry which has over a period of time experienced a fundamental transformation in terms of the emergence of jewellery brands and designs, retail revolution, etc. With changing circumstances, the jeweller has become more specialized and sophisticated with the emergence of focused, separated manufacturing and marketing divisions. This has affected a significant movement of the goods both from the manufacturing locations to the marketing centers and between marketing centers, grading laboratories, hall marking centers. This not only increases the risk to stakeholders but also increase the exposure of the carriers (Employers, logistics companies, Representatives of jewellers, etc.) to the various authorities who are responsible for the administration, tax collection and vigilance in the country.



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When it comes to women with style and influence, they don’t come much more powerful than pop superstar Lady Gaga, and with an Instagram snap of her brand new engagement ring generating more than 600,000 likes in a single day, she’s been making heart-shaped diamonds front-page news this week.

Lady Gaga, or Stephanie Germanotta to use her real name, accepted a proposal on Valentine’s Day from her long-term partner Taylor Kinney. When you’re proposing to one of pop’s most provocative players, thinking outside the box – or at least a box containing a round brilliant solitaire – is a must when picking out a diamond, and Kinney did exactly that when he opted for a heart-shaped cut.


Lady Gaga posted this snap of her engagement ring on her Instagram and Twitter feeds the day after the proposal.

Lady Gaga posted this snap of her engagement ring on
her Instagram and Twitter feeds the day after the proposal.


The large engagement ring was created by US jeweller to the stars Lorraine Schwartz, who has not revealed the carat size of the diamond or the price but did say in an interview with InStyle magazine that...

“it is big and quite beautiful,
and actually more expensive than some of the estimates I have read”.

One of those estimates was made by The Jewellery Editor’s Maria Doulton, who suggests that the stone could be 10cts and worth upwards of £350,000.


You’re Mine ring by Cartier in platinum with a central heart-shaped diamond. A limited-edition 5.36ct heart-shaped diamond engagement ring with twisted shank by Chopard.

You’re Mine ring by Cartier in platinum
with a central heart-shaped diamond.

A limited-edition 5.36ct heart-shaped diamond engagement ring with twisted shank by Chopard.


While a pop princess and a member of the British monarchy may be royalty of a different kind completely, it begs the question: will this offbeat choice of engagement ring spark a new bridal trend much in the way that the Duchess of Cambridge’s ring sent sales of sapphire rings through the roof?

While Lady Gaga’s troop of Little Monsters may be only too keen to follow in her sparkling footsteps, they will face a more prohibitive price tag than Princess Kate’s, as good-quality heart-shaped diamonds are expensive.


Hutton-Mdivani Necklace

A 22.03ct D Flawless heart-shaped diamond ring created by Graff.


For those wishing to replicate the design in miniature, Blue Nile is selling entry-level heart-shaped diamonds for £760 for a .41ct rock, but for anyone hoping to receive a serious-sized stone, let’s hope they’ve picked a fiancée with deep pockets. 

The reason that these diamonds are so exclusive is because of the cutting process. A lot of expensive diamond has to be cast off to create the heart shape, and a high level of skill is required to get just the right proportions, so that you are not left with a heart that is too squat or too lean.

“The skill of the cutter plays an important role in the beauty of
a heart-shaped stone due to the variety of possible proportions,” Graff Diamonds chief executive Francois Graff once told me.


You’re Mine ring by Cartier in platinum with a central heart-shaped diamond. A limited-edition 5.36ct heart-shaped diamond engagement ring with twisted shank by Chopard.

Classic Winston 1.08ct heart-shaped diamond platinum engagement ring with tapered baguette side diamonds from Harry Winston.

Soleste Heart ring by Tiffany & Co with bead-set diamonds surrounding a heart-shaped diamond set in platinum.


So will we see an increased demand from this style maven’s followers for heart-shaped stones? I would say yes. Will they be for diamonds as big and as fabulous as the one on the Lady’s finger itself? I would say no, but it will be a fun bridal trend to watch out for.



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