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The Urso brothers, are luxury accessories manufacturers and our products are all made in Italy.

We are specialized in realizing exclusive and unique products. Our creations are totally handmade, going from the design of the items to the realization of the object itself, including a carefull work of decoration made by engraviours and enamels. We only create through the use of noble and precious materials.

Our line includes pens, fountain pens, lighters, cigarette-cases and any other high and prestigious quality accessory. Pieces to be exhibited with pride. Not an industrial product, but a jewel realized by the artists.

Our products are addressed to special clients who like to surround themselves with beautiful and original pieces, excellent companions for the owner.

We spent the last years dedicating our time to the fascinating world of collectors, dealing aspecially with pens and fountain pens.
Each model is the result of a skilled labour realized with passion