The Hong Kong Jewellery and Jade Manufacturers Association

The Hong Kong Jewellery and Jade Manufacturers Association

The Hong Kong Jewellery& Jade Manufacturers Association is a forerunner of the Jewellery& Jade Industry in Hong Kong. Early in 1965, our founder successfully persuaded the US Government to lift the embargo of the Hong Kong jade products. Since then, Hong Kong jade products issued with Certificates of 0rigin are allowed to enter the US market. Founders’ efforts laid the foundation for HKJJA’s future services for the jewellery, jadeite and gemstone industry. In 1968, the first Jewellery fair debut in Hong Kong, and in 1969, we led HK jewellers to participate in the New York Jewellery Fair. In the last 40-odd years, we spared no effort in exploring overseas business opportunities for our local jewellers, achieving a promising position for the Hong Kong Jewellery industry all over the world.
0ur Services
1. To actively communicate with the Government and related overseas organizations, in a view of understanding their market needs, finance and political phenomena, and to benefit from their experiences;

2. to sponsor local Jewellery exhibitions and overseas trade shows and organize local jewellers to participate in major overseas fairs and missions;

3. to organize periodic seminars, trainings conducted by professionals, so as to enrich local jewellers ’knowledge;

4. to advocate “Quality Assurance Program” ensuring the international standard of the exhibits, as well as the assurance of quality labels and integrity;

5. to promote professional training and continuous education; to organize seminars, talks, conferences and activities in relation to the industry; to sponsor the “Adopt-a-School” program, and to help solving inter-generation poverty problem;

6. In 2005, the Hong Kong Jade & Stone Laboratory Ltd. (a subsidiary of our Association) was recognized by the Hong Kong SAR Government as one of the legitimate Jewellery laboratories. Certificates issued by the laboratory function as a stabilization and confidence in the Jewellery market;

7. the bilingual “Hong Kong Jewellery” magazine distributed all over the world serve as a guide of global Jewellery trends, trade show information and information relating the trade trainings, & etc……….

8. we provide a commercial platform to local jewellers who may obtain advertising, designing, photographing and consulting services at preferential rates;

9. to promote our members’ products on our website:

10. to provide ATA Carnet service to our members.

11. to publish a regular periodic newsletter with a view to enhance members’ apprehension of our mission; and

12. to introduce a series of language training, interest groups and athletic teams for members’ participation.

13. Hong Kong Pavilion is organized by our Association at: Italy: Vicenza First, Charm and Choice USA: JA International New York Show (Summer, Winter), JA Special Delivery New York, JA Special Delivery Chicago and GLDA Las Vegas Show Middle East : Dubai International Jewellery Week Asia: Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair (February and September) Jewelry Fair Korea Surabaya International Jewellery Fair, Indonesia ASEAN Jewellery Expo – Jakarta, Indonesia Jadeite Gallery at Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair, Hong Kong
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